The Thai massage ends with sex

How I accidentally got a happy ending to Thai massage

There are no testimonials from my salon. Not even reports with a background similar to mine. So: The astonished massage visitor is amazed at the happy ending offered. At least in Germany.

For this, men report in forums about their experiences in Thailand or in European salons, in which the egg massage is a good thing. On the Swiss homepage, rw54 reports: "Booked a massage for an hour and found it to be quite pleasant and good. When I was able to turn around, the masseuse regularly and 'accidentally' touched my year old, who had already met before When the time was slowly coming to an end, she offered me an FM of her own accord, which I took advantage of. She also offered to take off my clothes, but I did not want to do this, and she also allowed me to use her could touch. In the end then CHF 150 paid. "

Had I been to the brothel now? Did I pay a prostitute? I reported to the Berlin "meeting point and advice for prostitutes HYDRA e.V." and asked for clarification. "The way you describe it," I was replied, "you have used and paid for a sexual service." Such a happy ending is quite rare in unmarked salons or is very rarely reported. At least then it became clear to me: I was a suitor.

I went back to the salon and asked why I wasn't told before the massage that it was going to be, at least in part, an erotic massage. They did not want to understand me at all, but offered another massage. So I went home. I clicked on the store's homepage. Apparently created in 2003 and not further processed since then. Then, in the imprint, font size 8, I was finally informed: "© & BisteBaff GmbH 2016".

Biste Baff is "your partner on the Internet" for "hosting - design - advertising - photography" from Berlin-Weißensee. is a service page "Vom Freier für Freier", in the category "Thai massages" the salon in my street is again listed. Which still sounds harmless to me. Incidentally, the provider of this homepage is also BisteBaff GmbH from Weißensee. I am flabbergasted.

Still, I don't feel like I've paid a prostitute. I classify the two-minute tail massage under the category of element of surprise. I didn't even dare to tip so that someone wouldn't think I had paid for the crotch grip. I still prefer to go to other massage parlors since then. And am happy with it. The end.

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