What is the National Guard

The US National Guard will stay at the Capitol for the time being

The National Guard will continue to support local security at the Washington Capitol for at least two and a half months. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved an application to extend the parliamentary police until May 23, a Pentagon spokesman said.

The number of National Guards will be halved: In the future, 2,300 forces are to be deployed. Most recently, around 5,200 soldiers secured the seat of the congress. The National Guard is a paramilitary organization. So, despite her military character, she does not belong to the regular armed forces of the United States. Anyone who serves in the US National Guard is a reservist.

The then President Trump had encouraged his supporters to storm the Capitol

Black day in the history of the Capitol

The National Guard moved in after supporters of ex-President Donald Trump forcibly stormed the Capitol on January 6. The Capitol Police then came under fire because the parliament's security forces were unable to repel the attack. At least five people were killed in the riots, including a police officer. The FBI classifies the storming of the Capitol as domestic terrorism.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Something is brewing

    The number of fanatical Trump supporters outside the U.S. Capitol grew throughout the day. First of all, the security forces manage to keep them at a distance.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    First clashes

    At the same time as the joint meeting of both chambers of congress, i.e. the Senate and the House of Representatives, at which the result of the election of Joe Biden as US President is to be officially confirmed, supporters of the elected Donald Trump gather in front of the Capitol. There are first clashes with police officers who are supposed to shield the Capitol.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Too weak a cordon

    But the increasingly angry crowd wants to get to the Capitol. Police officers try to stop them. Some aggressive Trump supporters manage to get into the building.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Storming the Capitol

    Some demonstrators manage to penetrate deep into the building: to the doors of the Senate.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Defense of the last bastion

    Security guards try to keep the rioters at bay in the entrance hall. The politicians in the Senate are brought to safety through a second exit.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    One comes through

    Meanwhile, a Trump supporter manages to get past the security forces and storm the Senate. He jumps from the visitors' gallery into the plenary hall.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Guns at the ready

    The same picture in the other wing of the Capitol. The second Chamber of Congress, the House of Representatives, is also the target of the intruders. Capitol security officials stop them - guns drawn.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Hostile takeover?

    Nevertheless, Trump supporters are penetrating deeper and deeper - also into the office corridors of the Capitol. There they spread around the desks of MPs.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Out of control

    One of the intruders lets House Chairwoman Nancy Pelosi's lectern go with him and carries it through the Capitol. Nobody can stop him.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Take cover

    The plenary chambers are cleared. Some seek refuge in the gallery of the House of Representatives. As one reporter reported, gas masks are being distributed - as protection against tear gas.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Gas plumes on Capitol Hill

    The security forces have no choice but to use tear gas to break up the angry crowd.

  • Trump supporters storm US Capitol

    Large contingent ends chaos at the Capitol

    The police force is strengthened, the National Guard rushes to help and the mayor has imposed a night curfew, which lasts until 6 a.m. So Washington slowly comes to rest in the evening.

    Author: Kristin Zeier

Recently, concerns had risen that right-wing extremists could plan another storm on the Capitol in the past week. However, only a handful of supporters of the QAnon conspiracy movement gathered in front of the parliament building.

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