What do Papuans eat for breakfast

Fascinating Papua New Guinea

1-4: Port Moresby-Wewak

(Sepik) Arrival early in the morning in Port Moresby and onward flight to Wewak. After the transfer to the hotel you have the rest of the day at leisure and can relax and acclimatise a little. After breakfast you drive about 3-4 hours to Pagwi, from where the canoe safari to Ambunti starts. The next morning you will visit the upper Sepik villages such as Yesan. You will experience your first “Sing Sing” in one of the villages. Sing Sing is pidgin and means that people sing and dance together. The locals put on their traditional clothes and make up here. You will be welcomed with drums, singing and dancing and you can experience Papua's culture in its purest form. You are welcome to take photos, film and of course dance along here. On the last day in the Sepik you will go back to Pagwi by canoe, from where you will be brought by car to Maprik to experience another cultural highlight: a mini-cultural show.

5-7: Wewag – Goroka

(Highlands) Early in the morning the plane will bring you back to Port Moresby. You spend the morning in the capital and visit the highlights of the city (including the National Museum) on a tour. In the afternoon you will continue the journey and fly on to Goroka. On day 6 it goes to the well-known Asaro Valley to get to know the exciting story of the Asaro Mudman. The traditional dish, the mumu, is prepared for lunch. Various vegetables, typical of the mountainous region of Papua, as well as meat and fish are cooked in an earth oven for about 1.5 hours. In the afternoon you take a trip to Mount Gurupoka to hike a bit and see the "ghost dance". The last day in the Highlands promises exciting and interactive insights into Chimbu culture in the morning and in the afternoon you explore Goroka's highlights, such as the JK McCarthy Museum, which houses well-known artifacts from the Highlands, as well as the local market and coffee gardens. One of the best types of coffee in the world grows in the highlands of Papua.

8–10: Goroka – Rabaul (New Britain

) You travel on via Port Moresby to Rabaul. Enjoy a completely different landscape and maybe a swim in the South Pacific. The next day brings you insight into the life and history of the area from Mount Tavurvur volcano, which is still active.
You will spend the last day of the trip on an excursion to the Duke of York Islands. Here you have the opportunity to snorkel and with a little luck you will see dolphins.

11: Rabaul – Port Moresby

Return flight to Port Moresby and continue your journey individually.