How do I find my mentor online

5 tips on how to find a mentor

Founders have a lot to do and often get lost in their tasks. A mentor can help to get the mentee back on the right track and to ensure that he works on his goals in a focused manner. A mentor's protégés often learn faster because they rely on the Mentor's experience can access. But how do you find a good mentor? This article gives you 5 tips to help you do this.

1. Prepare your mentor search sufficiently

Thorough preparation is the most important step. It is crucial for your success in finding a mentor and the prerequisite for all further steps. First, understand the concept behind mentoring. It works Not just about one pure knowledge exchange between the mentor and you, but also about developing your personality, experience and help with your decisions.

A specific search means a suitable mentor

Also, think about your goals and how you would like the mentor to help you achieve them. First make a list of your problems and define which ones you are looking for a mentor for. Subsequently you define measurable goals. The preparation will not only increase the chances that a mentor will agree, it will also help you find it.

2. Be open

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they cannot learn anything from certain people. This way of thinking is detrimental to your personal development. You can learn something from everyone and everyone can be your teacher (mentor). From a fitness trainer, for example, you can learn not only how to achieve your training goals, but also how you can in general disciplined and determined working on your goals.

Make sure to consider people younger than you when choosing your mentor.

3. Don't look for a career boost

Mentoring is a personal change process for you. So don't just see it as a possible career boost from your mentor. Rather, you should mentoring rather than personal, interpersonal relationship see. Mentoring is a very personal thing because you have to give someone else access to you. A mentor therefore needs to know not only your skills but also your personality in order to be able to help you.

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4. Find a suitable mentor

There are different ways in which you can find possible mentors: conferences, online meetings, your own network, search functions of (professional) social networks, bloggers, YouTubers. For example, you can search for “email marketing tips” on Google and read specialist articles on the subject. There you can find out who the author of the article is. Lay the foundations for a successful collaboration and give it all a little time, without rushing things.

5. Establish contact

After you have identified potential mentors, contact them with a time delay and with a personal message. Delayed because you don't know who will respond to your request. Also, avoid the word mentoring. Just ask if the person would be interested in having a coffee with you and discussing your desired topic. This seems less of an obligation and increases your chances of having a conversation. At the end of the conversation, you can ask if the person is interested in a regular exchange. If so, define a fixed schedule and topic of conversation.

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