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Goods arrived faster than expected (3 days). The pool robot was neatly packed and the first thing that surprised us was its featherweight. Briefly read the operating instructions, they are compact and easy to understand. A free fine filter was included as a treat, which also wonderfully catches fine dirt (e.g. sand) and

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By Tina S.

I have had the poll cleaner since April 27, 2019, and the first test run was surprisingly good. At first I had my concerns about what he might do when the ladder is in the way, but even this obstacle is not a problem for him. If he drives under the ladder to the wall surface, it takes about 30 seconds and he sinks back to the ground. If he is his

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By Ulrich H.

I have a rectangular outdoor pool with a size of 8x4 m and a depth of 1.80 m, which I vacuumed and cleaned by hand at the beginning of every season - and of course also during the season - because I no longer felt like doing this work myself - Those in the know can confirm that this is a very tedious process

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From Dexter

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