What is the best shoplifting item

Shoplifters take advantage of opportunities

This is how you can protect yourself against shoplifters

Offers the best protection against shoplifters qualified sales staff. Employees who are noticeably present and attentive in department stores and self-service shops and who are trained in dealing with shoplifters have identified themselves as most effective "weapon" against thieves proven. All other measures to prevent shoplifting are primarily deterrent in nature.

Structural measures
  • Use structural measures to give potential shoplifters the feeling of constant observation - for example through bright, well-lit sales rooms As far as possible without confusing corners, angles or pillars.
  • Make sure that Shelves allow a certain overview despite their height should.
  • Cash registers in department stores or the branch office in self-service shops should be easy placed higherwho have favourited Mirrored windows to the sales room.


Organizational measures

At especially articles at risk of theft the self-service system should be wholly or partially abandoned and such items only at the checkout designed or offered exclusively with operation. Where possible, only display cases (e.g. for music CDs) in self-service areas.

Identify and pack goods from service departments in a suitable mannerto prevent customers from packing additional goods. Leave receipts, Price labeling devices or “paid sticker” to protect against fraudulent manipulation not lying around.

Where there are still self-adhesive labels Pricing should be used, these

  • a clear company identification (Company and address or membership number in the main association of retailers) so that a thief cannot claim any other purchase and the police can assign seized stolen goods,
  • be pre-cut so that they tear or disintegrate when trying to remove them,
  • firmly to essential parts of an article - but not on interchangeable closures, lids or tags - are glued,
  • for valuable articles several times in hidden places to be appropriate.


In business situations particularly affected by theft, the use stationary or mobile commercial security guards proven. You can also benefit from the principle of solidarity and get involved with other business people internal warning system together. It is possible to warn each other by telephone or fax according to the “snowball principle” of detected shoplifters, trick thieves and check fraudsters.


Technical measures

Security technology can only get the attention of the staff complete, never replace, especially since even a complex technical "upgrade" hardly scares off professional shoplifters.

Mirrors in confusing nooks and crannies are supposed to unsettle thieving customers - in fact, hardly any employee pays attention to them, especially since convex mirrors enlarge the field of observation and significantly reduce the mirror image. Dusty mirrors, disfigured mirrors or mirrors covered with goods make it clear to dishonest customers that such surveillance is ineffective. in the In the self-service checkout area, mirrors are usefulas they allow a look in and under the shopping trolley.

Video surveillance, on the other hand, can only be operated sensibly with considerable personnel expenditure and is also expensive. Such systems must open and concealed cameras as well as an observation and image recording center. Dummy cameras are known to professional thieves and only make sense in connection with a functioning camouflaged video system.

Various electronic article surveillance trigger an alarm when goods are stolen (e.g. cable monitoring, security labels or tags). They, too, can only be used sensibly under certain conditions, such as a high-quality range of goods, clear customer frequency, channeled customer flow and, above all, personnel who are ready to intervene