How many federal laws are there

In the JuS 2016 Ulrich Karpen writes in the article "Legislation Theory" on page 579, which is well worth reading:

Hectic legislation reduces the quality of the standards. There are certainly good reasons for doing the “motorized norm-setter”: extended state activity in the welfare and intervention state, technical development, globalization, legalization and the hunger for norms of administration and justice. The increase in norms is enormous. In Germany there are 1681 federal laws and 2711 federal legal ordinances. 11

Document footnote 11 then states:

The time v. 8.5.2014, 13

The quoted Zeit article “Everything is well regulated” by David Hugendick and Ulrich Stock is available online. There it says on the relevant topic:

In Germany, 1,681 federal laws and many times more state laws apply. There are also 2,711 federal ordinances and a multiple of state ordinances.

Since the legislature was not inactive from 2014 to 2016, one wonders whether a document from 2014 can be meaningful for 2016 at all. But how could one skillfully determine the number of laws?

Let's start in 2014. The juris search with the document type "Laws" yields the following result, limited to the title documents for May 8, 2014 (the date of the Zeit article):


So there were 1,816 laws at that point, not 1,681 laws. That looks a lot like a typo, but it continues here through the takeover into the JuS (so-called "takeover fault" 🙂).

And what does it look like today (July 8th, 2016) quantitatively with the same search at juris?


Such research would be better evidence than quoting an outdated Zeit article.

What could a footnote referring to juris look like? For example like this:

juris research from July 8th, 2016 with document type “law”, only title documents, federal government.