What is a straight forward person

Straightforwardness is the tendency of the person not to take into account the personality traits of the interlocutor and to intervene unilaterally in his rights, without the necessary sensitivity and flexibility of judgments. Straightforwardness as a character trait means that a person endowed with this trait is able to speak the truth personally and to show everything as it really is. This character trait is highly praised. Uncomplicated people have both fear and respect.

Of course, a person should be able to stand up for himself, express his wildest thoughts, but when we consider society's reactions to this characteristic trait, excessive straightforwardness can become the object of utter hostility. Therefore, as people age, many people try to get rid of this quality of personality based on established social norms.

The simplicity of the relationship helps "build a wall of misunderstanding" between the partners. Since such a character trait is expressed in the individual's ability to speak for any reason without trying to smooth out "sharp corners". In this case, the interlocutor wants to avoid communicating with such a person.

What does straightness mean?

In manifestations of straightness there is no quality like tolerance. Tolerance is understood as the quality of a person who is expressed in the tendency to show a benevolent and respectful attitude towards another lifestyle, worldview, beliefs, beliefs, habits, opinions, traditions, behaviors and shortcomings of other people.

Straightforwardness is the lack of flexibility and softness in communication. The synonyms for straightforwardness are sincerity, honesty, sincerity, sharpness, directness, honesty and straightforwardness.

There are three components to sincerity: goodness, ignorance, or passion. The whole nature of straightforwardness depends on what influence of the energies listed the individual lives under. A kind person is pure in consciousness. This moment of principle and sincerity of personality in the good is manifested in a transparent, clear form in order to truthfully speak the truth.

Straightforward does not mean that a person who hides behind honesty offends others, but a person who speaks a humble truth. In this case, humility is a victory over your false ego. In the words of a blessed individual, there is no egoism, their false ego is handicapped. His judgments, no matter what he says, do not hurt the interlocutor's false ego. When two false selves come into contact, conflicts, misunderstandings and disputes arise. A person's ego is bluntly expressed and hurts with its disrespect and lack of kindness, another ego that immediately arouses, manifests itself in secret anger, resentment or open protest. A person of kindness who is endowed with true knowledge applies equally to all living beings. For them, the good always comes first. First good - then principles, directness, truthfulness and straightforwardness. The individual in the good believes that sincerity should not sound without respect and kindness to people, therefore its directness does not offend or demean anyone. The purpose of conversation with another person is to bring him benevolence, warmth, and joy. Otherwise this conversation becomes a questioning, the desire to assert oneself at the expense of others, to clarify connections, to show their meaning.

The straightforwardness of an individual under the influence of the energy of passion is an enclosed ego. If one remains in passion, one cannot have pure consciousness, it is saturated to varying degrees with the "poison" of selfishness, pride and selfishness. Such a person is unfriendly, shows disrespect for people, caring for them is alien to him. In order for the simplicity of the individual to meet the requirements of transparency, clarity, honesty, truthfulness and humility, he must be free of spiritual duality and without pride.

A passionate man is straightforward, hides behind simplicity and honesty, does not respect the interlocutor and does not ask the question: "Does he want to know this truth?"

Restless mind, insatiable feelings, excited, swollen ego make the directness of the individual a living demonstration of tactlessness and intolerance. The simplicity of passionate people is usually tactless, indecent and indecent. A person who hides behind sincere honesty wants to live exclusively for himself. Such a person does not care about the law, he has no respect, conscience and shame. In his understanding of being simple, it means shortening the uterus, speaking without thinking that the interlocutor is humiliating and painful. Such straightforwardness turns into rudeness, rudeness, direct insults.

Is it just good or bad?

Why do people lose their simplicity as they get older? What are the reasons why society forces people to lie openly? What's this? A way to survive or adapt to people in the modern world?

Up to a certain point every child is straightforward and tells the truth according to their spontaneity and childlike naivete. Understood by relatives, this is found fun, although it can be awkward at times. With age, a person learns to understand that there is a culture of communication, tact, decency, and vulnerable self-esteem of the interlocutor. All of this is contained in communication skills, social norms, the ability to please, have an interlocutor, make an impression.

Behind an educational mask, the individual sometimes learns to lie openly, cunningly and more flatly, in order not to appear like a gossip and an uncultivated, so as not to offend someone. A person often creates a “pink” illusion, both for his close circle of friends and for himself.

They don't like simple people and admire them until they themselves are the focus of their attention. This happens because a person is afraid of real life and protects his "pink clouds". It is more pleasant to hear a lie about love than the truth that he has long been bored of his loved one.

Human relationships, rules and norms of communication, the line between good and bad - all of this is relatively relative. On the one hand, a far-fetched compliment of irresistibility robs a person of the opportunity to instantly change their image, and on the other hand, it increases their self-esteem, confidence and begins to really feel better and exudes confidence.

You can stop getting angry about the simplicity of the interlocutor if you remember that this is only his subjective point of view, because how many people there are, so many opinions. Often times one person creates situations on their own where another person, demonstrating vulnerability, fear and insecurity, does not say what actually is.

And if the interlocutor has low self-esteem, then you can not wait for a direct answer from him, since only strong, confident and uncomplicated people can express their point of view and say "no".

Most people try to avoid the owner of an uncomplicated quality because they don't want to start a fight. But often everything goes to her when a simple person tries to express his opinion without worrying about the feelings of the interlocutor.

How do you get rid of straightness?

Masking the quality of straightness isn't that difficult. This is a skill development question. If you try a little it can work. A simple person can not only pay attention to the shortcomings of others, but also track himself down. You have to learn to stop in time if you want to say something unnecessary. Exercising and stepping back for an extra word can get rid of the hassle. Understanding where it is better to be silent depends on experience and correlates the actions and results that they lead to.

Many people believe that simplicity shouldn't be combated, and most value this quality in people, but there are still cases where directness is not appropriate. Therefore, the simple control of inappropriate expressions and personal opinions, which hide behind a mask of tact and politeness, helps in the fight against simplicity.

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