What is a GSA backlink

Link Building Guide - How To Generate Backlinks!

In this article we would like to give you a Link building instructions which is essential for successful SEO. If your website is to be positioned high in the ranking of Google and other search engines, it is necessary to build up many good backlinks. To do this, you need to find out what makes good backlinkshow you like your Maintain link profile and which Strategies Follow them when building links. On the other hand, we would like also take risks and introduce outdated link building strategies that quickly lead to a Google penalty.

The SEO link building can in addition to the Improvement of the Google ranking also direct traffic to your website and ideally lead to more conversions. So that's that Link building influential to your company's sales. But - there is much more to the digital success of your company. The central point is always Contentyour website offers. So you should always post unique and useful content if you want to get high ratings from Google and users.

What are backlinks anyway?

Backlinks are backlinks from one page to another - ideally to your website. So that are quasi Landing page recommendations submitted. If you would like to receive recommendations from other webmasters, you should follow a few rules that we explain below. If you would like to read more about backlinks and learn basic definitions around the topic of generating backlinks, we have written an article specifically for this purpose.

All I want to say here is that the The quantity and quality of backlinks are decisive for a good and above all successful link profile. Because both the search engines and the users give their contributions through it more attention and credibility.

Deep links

So-called deep links are links that do not refer directly to your home page, but to different ones Undersides. This will recommend topic-specific content, not just your website in general. And this in turn increases the trust for users and search engines.

Link force

The Linkkraft or English Linkjuice there the importance of a referral, or the strength of a recommendation. This is not the same for every backlink, so the link profile of the linking website also plays an important role. It is better to have fewer, but subject-relevant and "good" links than many links with little link strength or even "bad" backlinks.

DoFollow and NoFollow links

if you simply set a link, it is always automatically a DoFollow link. The name actually arises for the reason that it is possible to have one NoFollow day to add to a link. A NoFollow link is one that is not included in the evaluation and also does not pass on any link force.

How to create NoFollow links and why a good link profile should always have a balanced ratio of DoFollow backlinks to NoFollow backlinks is also explained in the article on the importance of backlinks.

Determine a good backlink profile

You are probably wondering what good or bad backlinks are, or what constitutes them. So, regardless of the strategy you are following, we'd like to provide some basic rules for link building. So always check on linking websites

  • the variation of the anchor texts
  • the quality of the content
  • the topic relevance for your website
  • the course of the visibility in order to exclude penalties by Google
  • the language or origin (this should be the same as on your landing page)
  • the relationship between DoFollow and NoFollow links

A tool that analyzes websites can also be helpful. So a backlink analyzer or SEO rank checker. Examples are the Backlink Checker from Ahrefs or the tool for search engine marketing and backlinks from Majestic, as well as the Link Explorer Moz, for which a registration is necessary.

Here you will also find data such as the Trust Flow or Citation Flow specified. These two values ​​give the Quality and quantity of the link profile and are therefore the most important factors in determining a good link profile.

It is essential to avoid penalties or penalties from link-based search engines such as Google and Bing. Therefore should also no backlinks from penalized sites be accepted. The link strength of these is very low anyway and in the worst case, a backlink from such sites has a negative effect on your trust (= trust, credibility) or even leads to a penalty for you.

How to DO Backlinks in SEO?

What to look out for when building a successful link profile:

1. It is patience asked, because a big disadvantage of SEO compared to SEA is the inertia of the processes. Since the search engine bots crawl millions and billions of pages every day, it can take a while for changes to be noticed and also to have a positive (or negative) effect on the ranking. So don't be surprised if it takes a few months for an effect to become apparent.

2. And above all applies Conitunity in generating backlinks. This is important so that the search engines don't lose sight of you again and your ranking drops again.

3. You should also pay attention to Links from different sites to generate, which of course have topic-relevant content. This suggests the naturalness of your link profile, which is definitely rewarded by Google and Co.

4. Also, backlinks should always be refer to various sub-pages, so so-called deep links. This also suggests natural and meaningful link building.

5. In addition, the Mass of backlinks significant. While one might think more is more and more is better, this is not necessarily the case. The number of backlinks must be in a realistic relationship to the visibility of your page, otherwise Google will assume manipulation and may punish you.

6. The Link force As described above, a backlink is also important for a good link profile. For example, if you only generate backlinks from sites that have many backlinks, the strength of the individual links is very low. Keep this in mind when choosing the right link building strategy.

7. Also the Positioning on the page giving the link is relevant, because the web crawlers pay less attention to the footer or sidebar than to links that are in the body text or in connection with other content.

8. Also is the Anchor text, so the description for the backlink, important for search engines. If anchor texts are always the same, Google quickly suspects manipulation or spam. Therefore always pay attention to varying anchors.

9. That Ratio of DoFollow to NoFollow links has also already been mentioned, but has to be mentioned again explicitly. According to Google's guidelines, no follow links are to be used for untrustworthy or retained links, as well as for links that contain irrelevant content for the bot (e.g. "Register now"). You can find more about this in the Google Search Console Help. So it is perfectly natural in the World Wide Web to also use NoFollow links and for this very reason it is also recommended.

10. Finally, pay attention to the link provider the same language as you as this contributes significantly to the relevance, if not to the topic relevance.

How to DON’T create backlinks for SEO?

First of all it is important to mention that google and other search engines Do not tolerate link building in general and penalize your website for it, or possibly ban it from the index. Still, you can of course take the risk, so-called Black hat strategies to pursue when you are ready to face the possible consequences. There are also some White hat strategies, by means of which you actively support your backlink profile, but without violating the guidelines of the search engines.

So: Avoid methods that search engines can expose as spam, or the creation of unrelated backlinks, as well as the purchase of backlinks.

If you want to create links, you should also pay attention to so-called Avoid bad neighborhoods. These are bad link profiles that may already have been penalized by Google and Co., or even completely banned from the index. This suggests that the link profile was not built naturally.

Link building strategies

It was clearly explained why the Naturalness is particularly important in link building is. Nevertheless, you can and should actively support the establishment of links. We would now like to suggest to you which strategies are recommended and which are not. Generally should no method inflationary instead, you should use the Combination of several approaches consider, because there is no “best way to get backlinks”.

A distinction is made between white hat and black hat strategies. White hat strategies can also be referred to as link learning, because you adhere to Google guidelines and earn links through external sites due to informative and value-adding content. In contrast, there is Black Hat, which explicitly violates search engine guidelines and is consistently punished - as soon as it is noticed. We provide you Methods of both approaches and give you a respective recommendation on how best to handle them.

Backlink Builder Tools: automatically build links

This approach is also the riskiest, most dubious and yet fastest methodgenerate thousands upon thousands of backlinks for your website in just a few hours. There Bots publish comments with links to your HTML page on various blogs, forums and other comment areas.

It seems obvious that we strongly advise against using such a link building toolas it is black hat link building. In addition, thanks to spam protection, posts of this type are now used mostly no longer permitted. However, you will still find yourself looking for suitable linkers incoherent, mostly English comments with various links - these were then created with great certainty by a backlink generator.

Popular tools for this are the "GSA Search Engine Ranker" or "Scrapebox". However, the use of Scrapebox can ffor other levels of SEO and SEO Analysis can be very lucrative and useful. In addition to the automatic backlink generator, the tool also offers the Functions for creating large sitelistswhich in turn can be used to build backlinks.

SAPE purchase and rental exchange for backlinks

Here, too, we are in the area of ​​Black Hat Linkbuilding. That said in advance, it should also be clear here that it not recommended is to generate backlinks for your website through SAPE.

The Russian platform rents backlinks at comparatively very low prices. While the German competition likes to charge up to several hundred euros for placing a backlink, SAPE.ru can already charge them for 10-15 euros per month can be acquired.

However, linking websites are also included almost exclusively in Russian and accordingly irrelevant to your target audience and especially not relevant to the topic for your content. In addition, backlinks are also offered that by hacking websites placed, which not only violates the guidelines of the link-based search engines, but also with the German Law in conflict stands.

Buy / rent good backlinks & buy / rent German backlinks

Buying backlinks for SEO is a strategy we use fundamentally advise against. However, buying links can also have advantages. Especially on relevant pages with a good link profile, the links you have bought or rented can be yours Improve rankings by important places.

But: The link building Cost is very high and at rented links are only temporarily effective. Given the existing risk of a penalty, it should be considered whether it is a worthwhile investment or whether it is better to rely on natural link-learning strategies.

If you want to buy backlinks and generate more visitors for your website, or if you are interested in selling backlinks, it is always advisable to do so not on a link buying portal to do. Because both the platforms and the users have been punished more often in the past. Instead, you can use Facebook groups or on others Social media channels try their luck. Again, you always have to refer to the Quality of the links offered or the link giver pay attention.

Buy website: Private blog networks

Generating backlinks through blog portals is one popular strategy. Private blog networks are the Acquisition of (preferably qualitative) domains that have expired. Based on this, backlinks can then be set for the target page.

Danger: This measure is also penalized by the search engines because it is Black hat link building acts. So if you want to pursue such a strategy, you have to be careful and expect a penalty if necessary.

There are several ways to find expired domains. There is also this Platforms that auction domains. Of course it is independent search for expired domains an alternative, but it may be a lot of time and patience claimed.

  1. When bidding for domains, you can either use paid portals such as registercompass.org and then use the domains found using the SEO tools already mentioned (Majestic and Moz) check. You should only bid for domains whose Key figures very good are. Relevant key figures here are the Trust, the Citation Flow, as well as the Domain Authority and the Domain popularity. You will need some for the verification paid accounts and programs, or you can opt for the essential more time-consuming, manual review. In any case, you should still have all domains that have passed the KPI check check the quality yourself.
  2. There are also Web crawlerthat search the index for expired domains. Searching with crawlers like lazaruscrawler.com, phatspider.io, or openlinkprofiler.org is also possible not completely free and the search can up to several weeks last.

When buying expired domains, it is advisable to opt for several, somewhat weaker ones rather than just buying one (very expensive) good one. Because the Page Rank algorithm evaluates lots of links from different sites betterthan just a few good backlinks.

Unfortunately with that Acquisition of a domain not done all the work yet. Now is the time to start filling the pages with content and backlinks, which in turn will be a huge hassle. Be sure to:

  1. No footprints to leave behind that leads the search engines to your landing page. In that case, your network will collapse and your page will be removed from the index. For this purpose you need a separate IP address as well as varying imprints, designs and plugins for each page.
  2. To publish relevant postsso that the backlinks pass on positive link power. Still, for the sake of naturalness, you should too let old content continue. To get a view of the expired domain, visit archive.org and enter the relevant URL.

Now it becomes clear that the generation of backlinks using a private blog network is a great expense is who additionally also expensive can be. Whether this is a possibility for you to consider is of course up to you, but we would like to expressly advise against this.

Create a blog comment with a link

The Commenting on blog posts is a popular white hat method of adding backlinks. This can be useful for various reasons, but it is improved that alone does not significantly increase the page rank.

You should be on some formalities be sure to include your url in comments:

  • Only enter your domain or URL in the field provided
  • Do not enter a keyword as the name, but your first name or nickname
  • Write a meaningful, topic-relevant comment that offers added value and also encourages users to click on the link you have chosen.

From blog comments, you can several advantages pull. For one, you will hopefully generate through the placement of your link Traffic to your landing page, on the other hand, you may be socializing Contacts with blog owners or other webmasters who will place backlinks for you in the future.

You can easily find blogs relevant to the topic by entering your keywords in the Google search in connection with the terms “blog”, “comments”, “leave a comment”, “reply to post”, add a site ”, or something similar.

Gaining backlinks through a blog parade

As the name suggests, a blog parade is one Presentation of blog posts on a specific topic. You can get a backlink when you join a blog parade or create your own.

Publish a first contribution on an interesting topic and yourself call on other bloggers to do the same. In that case, other bloggers need to Link your blog parade in your own post and at the same time send you a link to your contribution.

So this method is profitable on two levels. On the one hand, you have one new backlink won, on the other hand you can contacts Connect with other bloggers who may also place backlinks for you in the future.

You can use this white hat strategy to support your link profile However, it does not significantly affect the page rank either. Therefore - the combination makes it!

Placement of links in forums

Link placement in forums is similar to adding backlinks to blog comments. Here, however, assistance is sought more actively, including question and answer portals such as guteFrage.net or similar. So can you with your answer a real help offer, users thank you too. It is recommended that the Problem solving only to sketch and refer to your landing page for more detailed information. This is how you generate too more traffic.

This method is little time consuming and above all free of charge and offers you how also benefit users.

You can find relevant forums or questions on the Internet very easily by entering questions that match your content in the search or entering keywords in connection with “forum”, “thread” or the like.

This measure is highly recommended and can influence your placement in the ranking relatively well.

Create a linkwheel

You can create a linkwheel by clicking Link pages to one another and all of these sites on your landing page to lead. This can be visualized with a wheel whose spokes converge in the middle.

Leaving pages that have independent IP addresses no footprints on your landing page. Therefore you offer yourself for Linkwheels:

  1. free blogs like tumblr, WordPress, hubpages, quora, skyrock or posthaven
  2. social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more
  3. Private blog networks, i.e. expired domains you bought

What is important is you good, topic-relevant content Leave it, similar to how you write a blog comment. That's the only way you will significant traffic Generate for your page and get a little link power.

Although this strategy may seem harmless at first, it is prohibited according to guidelines and therefore belongs to black hat link building. One could, in a weakened form, from one Gray hat strategy speak, a gray area, so to speak. You shouldn't get caught doing it though, because the search engines will mercilessly punish you if you discover a linkwheel.

Left star

Want something proceed more carefully, it can also be useful to use the wheel not to network with each other, but only individually on your landing page respectively. This decreases link strength however considerably.

Double link wheel

Another way to pass on more link power is pushing the respective sideon which you put a link to your landing page. With this you can not only increase the trust in these linking sites, but also disguise the network of links better too.

Tired Linkwheel as a Link Building Strategy

Be in a Tired Linkwheel no direct links created on your page but the Link power inherited on several levels. In the end, only a single, heavily pushed page leads to your target website.

Of course we can no recommendation for these methods Say it because you are not allowed according to Google Guidelines. In addition, this can also be very labor intensive. On the other hand, it is a (depending on the choice of the linking pages) Generate free alternative backlinks and depending on your goal and budget worth a try.

Publish guest posts and generate backlinks

You can benefit from the publication of guest articles on renowned blogs, online editorial departments, topic-specific forums or social networks possibly very high quality backlinks grant. This white hat strategy is the right approach The A and O.

For one, you should fundamentally about high quality content and thus a certain amount Visibility in your industry or niche receive. This makes it easier to get approval for a guest article.

You can then use the backlink to your landing page place in the post itself, or ask the webmaster to list your website.

Creating a link isn't the only benefit, however. You can also get a gain new readership, resulting in more traffic and hopefully more conversion for your side.

Use entry on industry portals for backlinks

Industry portal entries have long been a popular strategy for gaining backlinks. However, through such portals only very little link strength because thousands and thousands of companies and websites are linked here. In addition, industry and product portals were often used to spam them with backlinks, therefore have Search engines have little trust therefor.

Still, provided your company local or regional relevance owns, the entry in business or web directories makes sense, as you can gain more traffic for your website and at the point of sale.

Above all, an entry in that City portal of your region can be useful, but nationwide portals are also an option. For example:

  • Gelbeseiten.de
  • Dasoertliche.de
  • Goyellow.de
  • Business directory.meinestadt.de

Social bookmarking services for backlinks

Social bookmarking services are hardly known today. Social bookmarks are quasi Bookmarks that are saved in portals. There you will be redirected to the corresponding website with a click.

This is where the benefits in terms of generating backlinks become obvious. But so are social bookmarking services misused as spam we cannot recommend this approach to support your backlin profile.

It is about a Black hat Procedure that will be penalized by Google if it is discovered.

So bookmarking services should only be used if they are actually relevant.

Include backlinks in press releases

In general, of course, it makes sense to include references to your website in press releases.

To publish press releases, companies can register register on press mailing lists, which forward company news to a large number of press portals and magazines (up to 60). Exemplary press distribution lists are the website pr-gateway.de or prmaximus.de.

Registration is however not free of chargebut requires an investment of up to € 40 per communication.

However, it is not recommended to abuse such link building services. This also falls under black hat methods, which are penalized by search engines.

Of course, if you have a real message that offers the reader added value, it makes perfect sense to share it as well.

But mostly links are here with the No Follow attribute provided, especially for the reason that a link with the same anchor text and the same content can be found on up to 60 websites from search engines quickly counted as spam and is punished.

Add backlinks to job postings on job boards

Of course, this strategy to support your backlink portfolio only makes sense if you actually have vacancies in your company.

If so, linking your website is an easy and practical way to increase the quantity of your backlinks. Because on many portals for job vacancies there is a direct link to the employer.

It is recommended that you post your vacancy publish on several different platforms. Regional job exchanges can be included, as well as newsletters from universities or job exchanges that specialize in your industry. Indeed is a website that you can use, for example, and it has been gaining enormous popularity recently.

In addition, there is a Another advantage in terms of your backlink profileas soon as too Job search engines become aware of your job advertisement. These differ from job exchanges because companies do not publish their own offers here. They work like popular search engines based on its own index and web crawler, which lists existing vacancies and links the respective website.

Donate and gain backlinks

This approach is a bit immoral, of course, but it can still serve a good purpose. You may also have an interest, independent of backlinks, in supporting aid organizations and associations with a donation. These should of course also fit in thematically with your company.

As a thank you is often a Mention on the respective donation page published, which also includes a link to your website.

This is a way to generate backlinks as well to do something good for others at the same time. However, you shouldn't overdo it, or sooner or later search engines will notice and penalize you.

Use pingbacks for link building

Pingbacks or trackbacks are used to trace a link by other webmasters. They are sent via XML-RPC interfaces.

The recipient of the pingback must use the First activate the link. Most of the time, however, these are No Follow Linkswhich is not included in the evaluation of the link-based search algorithms. Still, you can still generate traffic this way and potentially get more backlinks.

If you would like to use this method, you can simply enter your keyword and the term "pingback" in the search to find previous pingbacks with the topic. Pages that have already released links are likely to do the same with their page.

This strategy had a high a few years ago, but it should be today be careful with that, because a pingback will always mutually linked. Search engines will not tolerate this in the long term. Therefore, many webmasters do not activate trackbacks at all.

Link exchange

As described above, link exchange is not tolerated by search engines on a permanent basis, but is subject to a penalty and it may also be removed from the index.

Link exchange can be less risky if you several websites with different topics and own content. So must no direct (reciprocal) exchange take place from the left. You can then link via two corners so that search engines do not become aware of the exchange.

Still, this method is and is considered black hat prohibited according to Google guidelines.

Competitor analysis with regard to the link profile

Any company or webmaster should carry out competitor analyzes anyway. With regard to the backlink profile, it makes sense to take a closer look at websites that rank high with your keywords.

You can use the Majestic tool, for example, to view or rather analyze these pages. The ones mentioned above are of interest in the analysis Properties that a (good) backlink profile should have.

If you know the number, ranking and keywords of the competition, you can use these rebuild, or exclude as a procedure. Because you cannot know whether the backlinks found will also have a positive impact on the search engine ranking. It is also possible that backlinks that have been badly rated by Google are simply linked to the NoFollow attribute were provided.

Edit Wikipedia article

If you can offer generally valid added value on a topic, you should also publish this on Wikipedia - if not already done by someone else.

Anyone can easily edit Wikipedia articles, but if your content is incorrect or not well documented, it will be quickly removed. Therefore only publish really profitable content. Then you can ask Wikipedia whether your website is a possible source.

Since Wikipedia is very keen to provide neutral, informative reporting, one does However, actively marketing your website makes no sense. Wikipedia could only respond to your request if you also offer scientifically relevant content and are not only interested in selling your product.

However, references and links are generally always with the attribute on Wikipedia NoFollow provided, so this strategy will not directly affect the ranking. However, Wikipedia enjoys a high reputation and can also give you more trust and increase the traffic of your website.

Link lists

Link lists are in the truest sense recommendations. These refer to relevant content on the same topic and will often for internal linksn used. However, some websites also link externally, which you can easily find out in the search which do this for your topic or keyword.

If there are already link lists for your keyword, the probability is relatively high that you will also be included there.

Here, however, is the alpha and omega Content on your website.

Broken link building

Similar to how you search for expired domains on PBN, here you have to "Dead" links do research. You would like to replace this with a link to your website. Of course, a broken link has to match your content thematically so that website operators can replace it.

With this technique, you really can generate unique backlinkshowever, success with this strategy is not certain. Because first you have to find broken links that have not yet been replaced, fit thematically to your page and of course you need that Consent of the webmaster.

For example that Check-My-Links-Addon can help to search pages of interest for dead or broken links.

Another way to find dead links can also be Wikipedia be. A footnote with a corresponding “dead link” is even placed here. There is also a separate article in the encyclopedia, the lists all dead links.

The strategy of broken link building will also welcomed by the search enginesbecause it primarily improves the user experience. Because who wants a link to lead to a 404 page? Neither you, the linking websites, Google, nor the users themselves!

Offer free content for download

Everyone is interested in free and also good, credible content. Give this method a try and you will see how quickly you can generate a ton of backlinks. Of course, this does not say anything about the quality of these, as always, it is important to check this in order to avoid a negative effect on the ranking.

For example, you can Photos or infographics publish. You can also offer photos on well-known stock exchanges such as pixabay or pixelio to increase their visibility. However, there are some requirements to be met:

  • A high resolution
  • Quality produced photos
  • A recognizable benefit

Infographics often attract a lot of attention because they offer added value in terms of content and are attractively designed. To be successful at providing infographics, make sure that they

  • Treat a current topic
  • Also explain this topic in an easily understandable way
  • And, of course, depict them in a graphically appealing manner

To get out of this admitted relatively time-consuming procedure also have a self-interest, you should use your content to the Condition of indication of source and integrate your URL in the content item itself (for example as a title or description)

Ideally, this approach will not only bring you a few backlinks, but also increases visibility your page, which also has a positive effect on the ranking.

"Help a reporter out" and earn backlinks

Help a Reporter Out, or HARO for short, is a platform that provides the exchange of information between journalists and their sources. You can just go there report as a source and feed reporters with information on thematically relevant articles.

Since anyone has the option to report themselves as a source, you should check their TAdequately substantiate theses and of course name your website for this purpose. You can also directly ask for the source to be named, or just hope that the reporter in question works for an online platform that links your page to.

Use text and content exchanges for links

Similar to the HARO principle, you can also do this here Create content for other websites or order content for your website. In order to generate backlinks for your page, you should register as author and look for thematically relevant jobs that also require references to the source. So, at the same time, profile yourself as an expert, generate more traffic possibly from a new target group and also receive a backlink for your link profile.

However, it is not mandatory to accept the source, so we can only hope that the client will do so for reasons of credibility.