What is the most elegant crochet work

Crochet pot holders in a rib pattern

The classic among crochet projects

Crocheting pot holders is boring? Not with us! Here you will learn how to crochet the kitchen accessory very easily. It also explains which yarn you need. What some of you have already learned in handicraft lessons as children is spiced up again here: crocheted in a rib pattern, the pot holder is not only a real eye-catcher, but it is also particularly thick due to the pattern and is therefore gentle on the fingers.

What are pot holders suitable for?

When cooking and baking, you always have to deal with high temperatures. Even crocheted pot holders made of pure cotton ensure that you won't burn your fingers anymore. At the same time, the colorful kitchen helpers are a wonderful accessory that you can match the color of the interior with. Self-crocheted pot holders are also ideal as a small souvenir for the passionate hobby cook or best friend. With detailed instructions on how to crochet pot holders, the project is guaranteed to be a success even for beginners.

Which wool do I need to crochet the pot holder?

First, you should prepare some wool for crocheting. Which wool is particularly suitable for crocheting pot holders? Here it is important to pay attention to the situations in which the accessory is needed. So it has to withstand heat particularly well, because you want to use it to transport hot pots or even put a pot or pan on the cloth.

Furthermore, it can quickly happen that the pot holder gets dirty, be it because a little sauce spills on it or because stains appear after some time of use. Therefore, the wool should also be washable, ideally machine washable up to 60 ° C.

The thread connoisseur will surely immediately think of cotton thread or school thread. This wool made from natural fibers is particularly robust and hard-wearing. Crochet yarns made of 100% cotton are ideal, or mixed fibers with a proportion of cotton and another yarn. Cotton is easy to crochet and, consisting of several strands, it becomes a nice, thick pot holder.

What else you will need for your crochet project:

Depending on how much wool you have, you can use it to crochet several pot holders.

Ribbed pot holders made of single-stitched stitches in a relief pattern

The special thing about our pot holders: An uncomplicated to crochet rib pattern ensures resistance to toxins.

The dense and slightly superimposed meshes also offer very good insulation, which is important to protect against heat.

We all know the feeling when the pattern creates holes in the pot holder, which in turn means that you are guaranteed to reach in exactly when you want to get the cake out of the oven.

In this case, you can safely do without a mesh sample. Since the pot holders are started on the hanger, you can simply crochet in the pattern until the desired size is reached.

Crochet instructions for pot holders

With this crochet pattern you can easily crochet your new kitchen accessory:

  1. Cast on 12 ch and form a ring with 1 km.
  2. Crochet 15 sc around the ring. Do not pierce the ch, but the ring.
  3. Close with one km to the ring.
  4. Hökle without turning 5 sc. Crochet 3 sc in the sixth stitch.
  5. Then crochet 5 dc and 1 km.
  6. Now turn the crochet and work a ch as a turning stitch. From now on, the back link of the stitches is inserted into all stitches.
  7. Crochet six sc, crochet three sc in the middle and crochet with another 6 sc until the end of the row.
  8. The following rows are now all crocheted the same: 1 spiral chain stitch, sc up to the middle of the row, there crochet three sc in the middle stitch and continue to crochet until the end of the row.

The 3 fixed stitches in the middle create a decorative hole pattern and the fact that the back stitch is always pierced creates the beautiful and firm rib or step pattern that protects the fingers and the table from the heat of a saucepan.

The nice thing about this variant is that you don't have to attach an additional hanger to your work, because the thread ring at the beginning of the work ensures that the suspension is already integrated.

Make your pot holders in different colors, or alternate colors in between to create a nice pattern! Gradient yarn is also a wonderful alternative for crocheting colorful pot holders.

Abbreviations in the text

sc - single crochet
Km - slip stitch
Ch - chain stitch