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Four non-fiction books for children from six years on about animals

Status: 11/21/2020 6:00 a.m.

Children who prefer pictures to text often turn to non-fiction books. The offer is huge. Katharina Mahrenholtz presents four non-fiction picture books for young animal fans from the age of six.

by Katharina Mahrenholtz

"I.I wish I was a chicken "

"I would like to be a chicken" from the publishing house Die Gestalten is aimed at children from the age of seven. It costs 19.90 euros.

Chickens are probably not the first thing that children think of when asked about their favorite animals. This book could change that. Because who would have thought chickens were so fascinating? There are such shrill breeds as the Antwerp bearded dwarf (with fluffy gray feet and beard) or the loving silk hen, which is used as a therapy animal! They wear combs of various shapes and lay different eggs. How is a feather made? Are chickens waterproof? Can you think logically? Even if you have never asked yourself questions, you are fascinated by the answers. Of course, it also clarifies what goes on in the egg when the chick grows, what the chicken skeleton looks like and why the animals cannot fly. Fun fact: the longest flight of a chicken was 15 seconds and was 90 meters. All in short, pointed texts and - above all - with great drawings: informative, attention to detail, surprising and simply beautiful. With this book, the Italian illustrator Camilla Pintonato has created a work of art that makes an underrated animal species shine.

"The giant book of horses and ponies "

The book for children from the age of seven was published by Moses Verlag and costs 16.95 euros

Unlike chickens, horses already have a large fan base among children. Equestrian non-fiction books are like hay in the stable. And yet this large-format book will make the eyes of all young riders shine - simply because their favorites are huge and beautifully depicted. The structure is simple: 36 breeds are presented on a double page each, with short facts, a profile and a full-page portrait. The movement of the horses is drawn so precisely that the illustrations almost look like photos. Regular "süüüüüß" screams from the little horse fans when looking at this book are guaranteed.

"The fish "- wonderfully staged

The book was published by Magellan-Verlag, is suitable for children from 4 years of age and costs 15 euros.

Children also tend not to put fish at number one on their favorite animal list. You can't stroke them and mostly not even see them. This book could also create a new fascination here! The Sicilian author and illustrator Lucia Scuderi beautifully stages fish. Colorful watercolor pictures and short texts deal with fins, gills, scales, enemies and friends, fish communication, life in shoals and the question of how fish actually sleep. As always at Magellan Verlag, the book is produced in a fair and environmentally friendly manner, but the paper is glossy and the colors are bright. Interesting and surprising: all sea creatures are presented on a white background - not blue as one would expect.

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