Can Nutella catch fire

Four fire engines from the London Fire Brigade in action | Nutella glass triggers fire - children's room burned down!

London - The roof - destroyed, the children's room a smoking, sooty heap of rubble ... This house fire in south-east London was started by a Nutella jar, claims the London fire brigade.

Lucky for the residents: They weren't home at the time of the fire. But her family dog ​​died of smoke inhalation.

What was it that happened?

A sunny Sunday in south west London. Resident Declan Murphy is out and about at a party with his wife Lindsay and their two children, only Jack Russell terrier "Chili" (9) stayed at home.

Daughter Kyra has placed a Nutella jar on the windowsill of her room. Inside: dozens of colorful rubber bands for making “Loom” friendship bracelets.

The sun shines into the room for a long time, the rays hit the glass, which acts like a burning glass, intensifying and reflecting the heat - directly on the blinds, which ultimately catch fire.

Shortly afterwards flames blaze, the room burns. Four fire-fighting trains with 21 emergency services arrive around 2.30 p.m. to put out the fire that had already broken out on February 15.

“It sounds unlikely that a glass container with rubber bands started such a house fire. But that's exactly what happened here, ”says fire department fire expert Charlie Pugsley of the London Fire Department, according to the website He recommends keeping glass or crystal objects away from direct sunlight.

Silvia Darmstädter, press officer at the German Fire Brigade Association, called the case very unusual and bizarre to BILD: “It is extremely rare for something like this to happen. But physically it is possible: If the sun's rays hit the glass at a certain angle, with a certain intensity and over a long period of time. This can lead to heat development and a fire. It's like the famous broken glass in the forest, which can also lead to a fire. "

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