How do paid viewpoints work

“Paid partnership” on Instagram: This is how you identify the cooperation with influencers


Can influencers remain authentic if you reveal sponsors?

Influencers always have to master the balancing act between the expectations of your fans and the interests of your business partners - while maintaining your credibility. If an Instagram profile is expanded into a permanent advertisement, fans lose interest and negative feelings could even be carried over to the products presented. A good influencer manages to weight one's own content and sponsored articles in a balanced way.

Tips for working with an influencer:

  • Decide on an influencer that suits your product.
  • Get to know the influencer in advance via their profile. Does he dose his advertising pleasantly? How does the fan base accept his contributions?
  • Rely on an influencer with a few thousand subscribers. It doesn't have to be a big star. Often the smaller stars have a more active community.
  • Give the influencer his freedom: As he is used to, he writes best: spontaneously and easily.
  • A joint competition on Instagram or a long-term cooperation - find the right format.

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Influencers should label paid postings correctly

Influencers have to label paid advertising, but how exactly the label should look is not yet regulated by law. One thing is certain: fans should be able to tell without a doubt whether a post is the result of a paid collaboration or a completely free one. Many influencers use one of the following hashtags to mark:

  • #ad
  • #sponsored
  • #Advertising
  • #Display

Paid partnership: Use the extended Instagram function

In addition to hashtags, advertising on Instagram can also be identified by a “paid partnership”. Instagram provides its own function for this. The business relationship between the influencer and the company is made clearly visible to the fans.

Step by step: How to specify the partnerships

The company:

  • Make sure that your company is set up as a company profile on Instagram. (You can convert your profile into a "business profile" in the Instagram settings.)
  • In the company profile settings you can authorize the account for special influencers. In this way you avoid unwanted collaborations at the same time.

The influencer:

  • When writing the post, the influencer calls up the advanced settings.
  • He can search for your company using the “Business Partner” field.
  • He selects your company and uses it to mark it in his post.

As soon as the influencer posts a post in which your company is marked as a business partner, you will receive a notification.

How do I evaluate the key figures and interactions?

Are the influencer's contributions successful? A mark above "Paid partnership with" gives you access to useful statistics. Take a look at the statistics tab of your Facebook page under media content and view all the posts about your collaboration with influencers.

The statistics give you a helpful overview of the range, the "Likes", comments and the "Next" & "Back" swiping. In this way you can evaluate the contributions of your collaborations with influencers in detail. You can view statistics for Instagram Stories for 14 days.

Conclusion: With a "paid partnership" you can work professionally with influencers

The extended Instagram function "paid partnership" allows influencers to correctly mark sponsored posts. For companies, this type of award goes hand in hand with a great advantage: You get access to the complete contribution statistics and can see the success of the cooperation in retrospect with regard to the reach, the "Likes", comments and the "Next" & Evaluate "back" wipe.

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