Caviar is considered vegetarian

Persistent vegetarian

On the occasion of a vegan shop I was amazed to discover that there was vegan caviar! I had to order it as well, because at the moment I'm looking for tasty products in the field of fish alternatives anyway - a field of vegan food manufacturers that is not very successful (but I haven't finished everything by a long way!).

Consistency, taste, inventor story

So now the tasting today. Pure on a teaspoon the unbelievably original consistency is astonishing. It feels just like fish-eggs with no ifs or buts! And the taste is - in my opinion - exactly how it should be. But I have to say that I am not a caviar connoisseur. The famous fish eggs from the sturgeon and their cheaper variants have always been one of the overrated products for me: a little salty, a little fishy-maritime ... very nice, but definitely not worth a fortune!

You don't have to spend such a thing for the veggie version: At 2.19 euros for 100 grams, the “Caviar” is comparatively inexpensive. On there is the following, very funny story about the production:

“The small black eggs are made from seaweed using a patented process. The invention of the vegetarian caviar was a coincidence. A tinkerer actually wanted to impress his children and grow a mushroom out of seaweed. The experiment went wrong and what came out were the little black spheres that not only looked like caviar but tasted like it too. And because the imitation does not contain fish oil, it even has a longer shelf life. "

What is inside?

The "caviar" consists of "hand-picked algae from wild cultures", but contains all sorts of flavoring and preserving additives that people who take great care of their health are rightly suspicious. Colorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers, aromas - of course, such a fake product can hardly be manufactured in any other way.

But how much of it will you eat? For me it is more for the amazing effect on a vegan buffet, with which you want to show again what is possible “purely plant-based”. And the veggie caviar is perfect for this!

By the way, I served it on bread with vegan mayonnaise. Whenever I make mayo, it's always too much for the current use, but then I use the rest for a week instead of margarine, always with changing toppings such as gherkins, radishes, sprouts - and the caviar also tasted really good!

If you are looking for something “fishy”, you can also try the vegan calamari, contrary to expectations, I liked them.


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