What does my money actually mean

“What is my money actually doing?” - urgewald publishes a new brochure

“What is my money actually doing?” This is the name of the new brochure from the non-governmental organization urgewald, which will be presented today (April 11, 2014) in Bonn.

Since the financial crisis at the latest, this question has probably been spoken of by the hearts of many bank customers. In the everyday understanding we have learned, “I can handle money well” means above all “I save, I can get by with what I have.” Actually, however, dealing well with money should mean much more. Money isn't just lying around when I take it to the bank. The bank uses it to finance other things. This means that as a consumer I can suddenly be indirectly involved in the construction of arms factories or human rights violations. Many people would refuse that for themselves. The problem is, however, that only a few people in our society are aware of this. A change is slowly setting in here, not least thanks to the continuous work of NGOs such as urgewald, who are campaigning for a change in awareness in the banking sector.

In 2011, urgewald, together with many other partners such as attac or the German Environmental Foundation, called for a "toad change" and made a name for itself with campaigns such as "How radioactive is my bank?"

The brochure “What is my money actually doing?” Explains the background and context of finance and introduces banks that do it differently. A credit project is also presented for each socio-ecological or ethical bank. At GLS Bank this is Hellweghof, a Demeter farm in Welver-Hündlingsen. - See photo on this post.

You can find more information about urgewald here: urgewald.org
You can order the brochure “What does my bank actually do?” Here: http://urgewald.org/shop

And here is the link to get active right away: www.gls.de/kontowechsel

Vanessa Bolmer worked in the development of offers in our Investment Funds, Research & Portfolio Management department.