How much reality TV is scripted

Here's how to find out if a reality show is scripted

As with television, writing and producing go hand in hand with scripts. The majority of my reality credits are for producing, not writing, but I always use my storytelling skills.

For example, when Monica and Chandler slept together at Friends, it was known as a "plot twist". When the tribes have not joined together as expected in this season's survivor, it is simply called a "twist". The subtle difference in language implies that the turns in reality magically happen "by themselves". Nothing is further from the truth. There is just as much thought, debate, and imagination behind every twist you see in reality - both big and small. Just as it was a conscious choice of the authors to make Joey and Chandler roommates. When I was producing Temptation Island, I chose room assignments based on how I thought people would affect each other.

Every time I choose a location, develop a game, find a cast, look for suitable music, it is based on the story. How will that affect the cast? Does it set the right mood? Will it help the audience understand what is going on? Still, I ask myself questions when I write a script.