Where did you learn to collect money

What rules about money did you learn as a child?

What did you learn about money as a child and what have you not forgotten to this day? Perhaps your parents or grandma and grandpa gave you a rule that you can still think of today. Share them with us and take part in our competition.

As a child, did you often hear the saying “Whoever does not honor the penny, is not worth the taler” and thereby learned to appreciate even small sums? "Small cattle also make crap" are probably familiar to many of you.

Perhaps your parents or grandparents have passed on very practical tips in addition to money proverbs, such as always taking a list with you to go shopping or transferring the household money to an extra account.

Write to us what you learned about dealing with money as a child in a comment here under this post or on our Facebook page.

Procedure of the competition:

  • Anyone who answered the competition question "Which rules about money did I learn as a child and do I still follow it today?“Answered, takes part in the competition. Participation is possible in the blog as a comment under this post or on our Facebook page.
  • At the end of the competition, the lottery will decide which ten comments have won.

You can win:

  • 5 times an Amazon voucher worth 50 euros each
  • 5 Douglas vouchers worth 20 euros each

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Have fun taking part!