What is a strong personality

20 tips for strength of character: Get out of cover, stand by your personality

Character and strength of character


The character describes a person, shows how someone actually is and significantly influences how a person is perceived by his environment.

If a person is granted strength of character, it is meant with admiration. It's about the number of positive character traits, especially the moral attitude.

Anyone who does not go down uniformly in the crowd attracts attention and can possibly offend. Some people let themselves be put off by this and pretend.

Do you stand up for yourself and your concerns, are you true to your values, even when there is a headwind? Who cultivates strength of character is more successful and lives a fulfilling, because more self-determined, life.




20 factors: what makes character strength?


What are the building blocks for strength of character and what can be cultivated and how? Here are 20 factors that contribute to character strength.




1. Curiosity


Healthy curiosity, in the sense of interest, is a daily motivator that keeps us moving and therefore more agile. Thirst for knowledge is physically and mentally demanding, makes you more sociable and more satisfied. Without curiosity as a drive, there is no learning, no wisdom.



2. Your own opinion


Not everyone allows their own opinion, even fewer people are ready to confidently stand up to their own opinion. Insecure people tend to adapt so as not to attract negative attention. The fear of rejection and conflict slows down or paralyzes some people, they tend to buckle and hide their opinion.




3. Courage


People with weak character are like flags in the wind, orientate themselves towards the least resistance. These give way even with little pressure and bend rather than bend.

If necessary, personalities with strong character jump over their shadows and dare to take a bold stand. They are also not afraid to go alone, to venture out of the anonymous crowd and their avoidable security.




4. Know your own strengths


It helps to be aware of your own strengths in a healthy way. Those who know their strengths can cultivate them and use them in a more targeted manner.




5. Know your own weaknesses


Knowing your own weaknesses enables you to make better decisions. The willingness to develop personally and, if necessary, to make one's peace with it, helps if something cannot be turned into a strength despite the effort.



6. Loyalty


Loyalty requires personality. Loyalty means loyalty and reliability. It shows itself to life partners, friends, family, employers, etc.

Loyalty may also require putting one's own interests aside for the benefit of other people. People with strong characters know their values ​​and priorities and pay attention to ethical behavior. You are ready to tread even uncomfortable paths.



7. Honesty


Honesty and sincerity are important virtues. We associate honesty with reliability, commitment and openness. To stand by what is said, even when it is inconvenient, requires strength of character.



8. Willingness to take responsibility


The willingness to take responsibility also includes admitting mistakes. Mentally strong people take full responsibility for their actions and learn from the feedback instead of trying to wriggle out of excuses. That sometimes means a willingness and ability to apologize when the time comes.




9. Patience


Patience is an important strength of personality. This includes the willingness to remain true to yourself despite short-term rewards and temptations. Only in this way can greater challenges be mastered.




10. Knowing your own priorities and values


People with strong characters know their priorities and stay true to themselves and their values. I know from most of the strong characters I know personally that they deal with philosophical topics - even if they wouldn't call it that personally - and that they have overarching goals and visions. This has a very strengthening effect on the personality,




11. Willingness to stand up for other people


The willingness to stand up for other people, even if it includes personal disadvantages, requires strength. A lot can be promised, but actually doing it is not always a matter of course.




12. Self-reflection


Self-reflection paves the way for personal development where others sometimes stand in their own way. Self-reflection promotes learning and good decisions. Those who know themselves well are much more difficult to manipulate and live their own lives. That frees and activates potential.



13. Be at peace with yourself


Bruises, unprocessed trauma, and limiting beliefs make them more manipulable - that weakens. Those who are unnecessarily preoccupied with themselves are distracted. Those who are tidy on the road can focus better and have more resources available for important tasks.

Being at peace with yourself makes life easier; Thinking and acting are congruent. What they do comes from their decisions, which in turn are based on their own values ​​and not externally controlled and on deficits. Those who give other people the power to press buttons and inappropriately influence feelings are taking the reins out of their hands.




14. Don't have to prove anything


Not having to prove anything is so liberating. Where some blenders loudly offer more appearance than reality, personalities with strong character do not have to prove anything. Another reason why people with strong character can be more authentic and relaxed.




15. Focus


Anyone who is involved everywhere can hardly move and sooner or later tire. There are things that deserve appropriate attention. That requires priorities and focus.




16. Presence


Being in the here-and-now sounds easier than it is sometimes. Some people prefer to reminisce about the highlights of the past. Others dream of a distant, paradisiacal future instead of working on theirs. There is not much to be seen of presence in contact with other people.




17. Wish and treat other people well


Strong personalities are not afraid that other people will achieve something. They do not allow envy.

The weak are often afraid that other people's successes will set them back. This is particularly evident in narcissists.




18. Stay tuned


Setbacks and even traumatic experiences can be painful, leave serious injuries and break people. However, they can also fuel immense personal growth.

Strong people are resilient and take setbacks as feedback. You learn from it and start again. They see every experience as an opportunity to get closer to the goal.




19. Forbearance and Benevolence


Standing steadfastly for yourself and your convictions is compatible with looking at other perspectives, exchanging views in a respectful manner, complementing one another, learning. People with strong character are self-confident and this allows benevolence towards other people, where insecure people try to protect themselves and their position through ignorance.




20. Creating instead of sacrificing attitude


It takes a lot of strength of character to stay upright on the path even in strong headwinds. Those who look to the creative space remain more constructive than those who see themselves as victims of the circumstances.