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Is Rakuten reputable - how secure is the shop? Reviews and experiences

Rakuten is one of the largest online shops in Germany and anyone who wants to buy something is increasingly being displayed in search results alongside Amazon. But is Rakuten reputable and is it safe to order there? The opinions and experiences are divided and the problem lies in the basic concept. Here is the info.

If you go by the amount of offers and the prices, Rakuten is definitely an online shop that you should have in mind. However, every customer naturally wants to know how reliable a shop provider is before placing their first order. Whether Rakuten is reputable cannot be answered with a clear yes or no, mainly because the company itself does not act, but only offers the platform - similar to a mixture of Amazon and eBay. The prices are sometimes suspiciously low, but the opinions in rating portals often warn of the deals.

Our video shows you how to recognize fake shops on the Internet:

Negative experiences with Rakuten

Even a quick search shows that many customers have had negative experiences with Rakuten dealers. However, one must not forget that Rakuten is not your contractual partner at all in this case. The Rakuten dealers only use the software to list their goods there. Rakuten only takes care of payment processing. Dispatch, cancellation, complaints - the dealers who publish the offer in the “Rakuten Marketplace” are responsible for this.

And that clearly means:If you want to know whether you should buy an item from Rakuten, you have to check the individual retailer and not ask yourself whether Rakuten is a reputable market platform!

In its contractual terms and conditions, Rakuten obliges individual dealers to work securely, seriously and fraud-free. But of course there will be black sheep there too. As can be read on the Trustpilot review website, among other things, the following problems occur with Rakuten:

  • Wrong or defective products are being delivered.
  • The dealer cancels the sale and shortly thereafter makes a direct buy offer at a higher price.
  • The goods arrive with a considerable delay or not at all.
  • Bad customer service, poor response. If there are any problems, Rakuten will refer you directly to the dealer, who is the real problem.
  • There will be no repayment.

Of course, this does not apply to all retailers, but experience seems to show that it is precisely those offers with “suspiciously low prices” that are discontinued by dubious providers.

At Trusted Shops there was a page with mostly positive reviews. Now you can only find the link under the link that this shop is no longer a member of Trusted Shops. Rakuten still had mostly top ratings in his certificate, which was valid until September 2018, as can be seen in this screenshot:

Tips on shopping at Rakuten

For each product you will find the details of which retailer is offering the goods under the shopping cart button. You can find out more about the seller by clicking on it, read his terms and conditions and see who the actual seller of the goods is in the imprint.

However, this is made more difficult by the fact that there are no dealer ratings at Rakuten that you could use as a guide. In case of doubt, you have to determine the real provider via the imprint and then search for whether he has left digital traces in other places.

Another problem - and that throws a bad light on whether Rakuten is really serious - is the reactions of Rakuten. In reports of problems with the trading platform, it was also repeatedly reported that Rakuten did not consider itself responsible for the difficulties of its users. Usually you get the answer that you should contact the dealer and clarify your problems in direct dialogue with them.

Be careful when buying software such as Office or Windows through Rakuten

There are numerous testimonials online about users who bought extremely cheap Microsoft Office licenses from Rakuten (for just under 10 euros). Unfortunately, the keys didn't work after that. It is not possible to say for sure whether these are expired licenses or illegal keys that have been deactivated by Microsoft. In everyone you should be careful when buying such extremely cheap keys and in this case maybe you should look for another dealer.


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Conclusion: Rakuten can only be recommended to a limited extent

As the customer reviews show, there are of course numerous reputable dealers at Rakuten - but they usually also trade in other portals. As long as a reputable supplier at Rakuten offers his goods at a good price, you won't have any problems. They only come with the "crooks", who unfortunately can also be found there. And Rakuten has secured itself against them with its dealer contracts in such a way that the company can reject any responsibility. Or in plain language: When there is really trouble, you are often left out in the rain.

You should be suspicious of particularly cheap offers. A small forest-and-meadow dealer cannot offer game consoles significantly cheaper than all wholesale chains - at least not in a reputable, legal way.

Rakuten is only as serious as its dealers - and unfortunately, remarkably often, they are often not.

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