Why is python used for hacking

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Post Wed Jul 27, 2011 16:07

@ spike_1895: I think "hacking" is a far too vague term here to really know what you actually want to learn. After your contributions, I don't really know whether you know that yourself. You have to be very familiar with the respective “target”. For example, the respective real or virtual machine and assembler or byte code for it. Or a communication protocol and a client or server that speaks that and should be "attacked". In this context, the programming language in which the target was written, or the execution platform. Depending on the goal, this can sometimes be an interpreted language in which you can try to smuggle in code. For example JavaScript or SQL. But here, too, it often boils down to assembler and you have to know the calling conventions of C code at the machine level.

There shouldn't be a book that covers everything to do with "hacking", and thus even less likely one that uses Python. If one thing is unlikely, then a second, besides Seitz's, is a little less likely.

IIRC mainly uses Seitz Python to automate and analyze data. For example, recording and evaluating TCP packets. Or systematic testing of values ​​when calling up functions in libraries and the like.

You can basically deal with the topic just as well in a language-neutral way, as far as that is possible, because you have to understand the languages ​​and systems of the goals and then simply do all programming and scripting tasks with Python.