What would Voldemort do after killing Harry?

Why was it "essential" that Voldemort killed Harry Potter?

I thought that because Harry owned all three of the Deathly Hallows - or, in the case of the Elder Wand, ruled - he had defeated death. He was really killed by Voldemort, thus destroying the Horcrux, but he also had the choice of returning to the living or moving forward in the afterlife. He had that choice because of his ownership of the cloak, stone, and wand. Voldemort took Harry's blood to take advantage of Lily's protection. Obviously he didn't know Harry was a Horcrux and his destruction would kill another piece of his own soul. It is a wonder why Voldemort did not establish that killing Harry would affect his own blood bond, something I cannot remember being explained, but Voldemort's vanity made him unable to see his own vulnerability. Voldemort, killing Harry, was the only way to end the blood alliance with Harry and destroy the piece of his own soul in Harry. It had to be a real death to kill the Horcrux, but coming back to life was a choice Voldemort didn't realize Harry owned. Harry could or may not be killed by anyone of his own choosing while in possession of all three objects. As soon as Harry destroyed the older wand, its power and with it everyone's power over death was broken.
Only certain types of destruction could kill the Horcrux. The basilisk's blood was a method. Voldemort created the Horcruxes; Hence, it makes sense that only Voldemort can kill something he created without needing the basilisk's poisonous blood. While Harry had power over death, another assassin could not destroy the Horcrux if Harry chose to live. It had to be Voldemort, the creator of the Horcrux, who destroyed it.


A horcrux that is a living being does not need basilisk venom, etc., to be destroyed. The death of the creature would be the end of the Horcrux. I think Dumbledore explained to someone that Nagini was a bad choice for a Horcrux for this reason.


So Harry died on V's hands, killing the Horcrux in the process. But as you explained, he had a choice to return.


"He had that choice because of his ownership of the cloak, stone, and wand." Totally independent. You may remember Harry even telling Voldemort what he saw that Voldemort would become if he lost. If he had repented (although he hadn't and it might kill him, as Hermione points out), it would be different. No, as Dumbledore says, to be a master of death means that you will willingly accept it. The fact that he was able to return has nothing to do with being the true owner of all three sanctuaries.