What are the symptoms of brain damage

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Possible signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury

Possible signs of a mild traumatic brain injury are:

• nausea / vomiting

• A headache

• Neck pain / stiffness

• Dizziness, fluctuations in pulse and blood pressure

• Increased sweating

• paralysis

• Sensitivity to light / noise, odor / taste disorders

• Depressed mood, apathy

• Impaired performance, irritability, insomnia

If symptoms persist, a specialist (neurologist) should be consulted.

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, this could be an indication of a severe brain damage that urgently needs specialist medical clarification:

• Headache, especially if it increases significantly over time

• Dizziness

• nausea / vomiting

• clear or watery liquid comes out of the nose and ear

• Bruising under the eyes

• Different sized pupils on the right and left side

• Clouding of consciousness or loss of consciousness, especially in connection with breathing disorders or pronounced symptoms of paralysis

• Overall severely impaired function of breathing, heart and circulation (life-threatening)

Technical support: Dr. med. Uwe Meier (BDN), Grevenbroich