Would you have three jobs at the same time

Are several 450 Euro jobs possible?

Hello together,

I'm currently still studying and have been doing a € 450 mini job on the side for almost 2 months. Now I have an interview on Tuesday for a position as a research assistant at the university and wanted to find out beforehand how it works with two part-time jobs. Google has made partly contradicting statements.

With my current mini-job, I almost always earn less than 450 euros (mostly around 250-350 euros) because some shifts have to be canceled due to delivery problems. As a research assistant, I would probably earn 250 euros a month. If I kept both jobs, I would be over the 450 limit.

1. My question now iswhat would change in terms of taxes and duties and whether it would even be worth doing both jobs? How high would the new taxes be or do I still not have to pay any taxes as I will come under the tax exemption? What other taxes are there in addition to this?

2. I've read that the second part-time job puts employers at a disadvantage because they have to pay higher taxes. It was proposed to set the wages for a job at 451 euros in order to get a tax break. Unfortunately, I don't get 450 euros for either job (each).On Tuesday I am obliged to tell myself that I currently have another part-time job(If asked by the employer, I will of course not lie)? On the one hand, I would not like to have a disadvantage in the pool of applicants because I would then be "more expensive" for the employer, on the other hand, of course, I will not quit my current mini-job beforehand without having feedback from the interview.

For information:Despite the lower salary for the job at the university, I would prefer this because of my experience and, if necessary, terminate my current one if point 2 really should pose a problem for the employer. I am 25 and insured myself in the student health insurance of the Barmer GEK. I am also still in the trial period of my current job with a notice period of 2 weeks.

Thank you for your help!