What makes an advertising network successful

Tips for successful display campaigns

Reasons for the campaign not being successful

From my point of view, the biggest mistake is to see the display network as a pure addition to the campaigns aimed at the search network. This is often expressed in the fact that significantly less effort is put into the conception and implementation of display campaigns. The campaign format "Search network with display selection“But Google itself has a certain share of the blame for it.

Analyzes of existing accounts have seen increasing professionalism in campaigns in the search network in recent years (campaign structure, keyword options, consistency in ad texts and landing pages). However, advertisements in the Display Network are often served by a single campaign and ad group. The low effort that is often invested in display campaigns is reflected in correspondingly poor performance data.

The display network, just like the search network, has its own laws that must be observed when creating campaigns. For one thing is the Context of use another. While users are specifically looking for information or a product in the search network, the advertisements in the display network are usually only perceived passively. In many cases, this fundamental difference is not taken into account at all in the campaign design, which means that the prerequisites for a successful campaign are not met.

In addition, predominantly users in earlier stages of information research reached. In some cases, users are addressed who did not even know that a certain product existed or who did not yet have a need for it. It therefore makes absolutely no sense to use the same key figures here as in the search network and perhaps also to compare them directly with one another.