Which country has the most guns

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These five countries sell most of the arms to other countries (percentage of global exports from 2013-2017):

1a: United States 34%
2a: Russia 22%
3a: France 6,7%
4a: Germany 5,8%
5a: China 5,7% 


These 5 countries buy the most weapons from other countries (percentage of world imports from 2013-2017):

1b: India 12%
2 B: Saudi Arabia 10%
3b: Egypt 4,5%
4b: United Arab Emirates 4,4%
5b: China 4,0%

It is estimated that around 10% more weapons were traded in the last five years than between 2008 and 2012. Almost ¾ of the weapons are manufactured and sold by only 5 countries. These countries are all in the northern half of the globe. India is the country that purchases the largest proportion of arms, followed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and China.


The world map can be printed out here.


Source: SIPRI, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (as of June 13, 2018) https://www.sipri.org/sites/default/files/2018-03/fssipri_at2017_0.pdf