How is Ronaldo better than Messi

The GOAT question: Ronaldo explains why he's better than Messi


The two greatest active footballers in the world are in an eternal personal long-distance duel. The Portuguese knows his favorite.

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Both of them really want to the Be a goat: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. At least since last year's World Cup, the term “goat” has been on everyone's lips. “Goat” is also the abbreviation for “Greatest of all times”, so it is about being named “Greatest of all times”. In tennis, boxing - or even in football.

The image of this normally not exactly fragrant animal is so wonderfully contradictory to the noble, perfect world of football that it is especially popular thanks to the contrast. The discussion was fueled around the 2018 World Cup when the two protagonists themselves made clear allusions to the furry animal. First, Messi posed on the cover of a magazine with a goat. Then Ronaldo responded on his hat-trick against Spain when he formed his hand into an imaginary goatee as he cheered.

Shaqiri better than Messi?

Now Ronaldo explains in a new three-part CR7 documentary from DAZN what distinguishes him from Messi - and what sets him apart: "I have played for many clubs and won the Champions League with different teams." Messi triumphed four times with Barcelona, ​​Ronaldo first with Manchester United and later four times with Real Madrid. The Portuguese sees his big plus in the premier class. “I'm a record scorer and have been the top scorer for six seasons in a row. This is my favorite tournament, the most important tournament in football. "

You could now compare a lot of other numbers like the direct duels (16:10 for Messi) or the number of world footballer awards (5: 5) or the number of titles with the national team (2: 0 for Ronaldo). One could also ask whether the World Cup is not more important than the Champions League. In any case, one thing is clear: opinions on the “goat” debate will always remain divided.

According to Ronaldo's criteria, however, a Swiss is also better than Messi: Xherdan Shaqiri won the Champions League with Bayern Munich and Liverpool. And the Dutchman Clarence Seedorf even triumphed with Ajax Amsterdam, Real Madrid and AC Milan. He is now the Goat?