Where can I get speakers in Singapore

Q with a bite. In the Buddha Relic Tooth Temple in Singapore

Relics are the salt of every religion: anatomical particles of your holiness - miraculously and in unfathomable ways saved, found, lost, happily found again and saved again - for the humble to touch and worship in a delightful, edifying way. One of the forty molars of the mortal Siddharta Gautama - "one of us" who, as is well known, went into nirvana in 483 BC - found its way from Myanmar to Singapore, where the adorable relic is now emblazoned in a new shrine on Buddha's birthday was consecrated on May 30, 2007.

The abbot of the Golden Buddha Pagoda, in whose care the tooth had been since 2002, not only briefly received the name of the shrine, namely "Buddha Relic Tooth Temple Singapore", during a one-year Dharma lotus blossom retreat and thanks to the blessings of the three jewels BTRTS, but also the architectural design based on a mandala of the powerful Tang dynasty from the 8th century. In addition, the building site should be steeped in history, and since Buddhism was so important to the early Chinese immigrants, Singapore's Chinatown was chosen as the location of the new temple for the remains from the Buddha's mouth, for other religious and museum exhibits, and for instruction on the path of enlightenment.

But the BTRTS is not just a sacred building - there is also space in it for worldly things. In the basement there is the small Nagapuspa theater for performances, seminars, film screenings, workshops, congresses and occasional musical performances. CCW accompanied the project in audio and AV-technical issues and recommended the systems integrator Electronic & Engineering to install a d & b system. "The room size is quite comfortable," says Chong Chin, the CCW project manager. "The theater can accommodate a maximum of 300 visitors; the Qi10 is ideal for a large but low room. The speakers are small and inconspicuous, three are sufficient for the various requirements for speech, live music and film - one each on the left, in the middle and on the right Add to that two Qi-SUBs and the system has a lot of power without the purity of sound suffering. "

In any case: the ephemeral in the cellar, the eternal striving towards heaven. In the square at the corner of Sago Street and South Brigde Street, where once - and in the side streets still today - the red lanterns of dozens, even hundreds, of brothels, the four-story building, in which 270 kilos of gold was built, now rises majestically and visibly above the low houses, sweat shops and shop houses. Because according to traditional Far Eastern erotica, the Buddha tooth also has another meaning:

The eyes, like rats that hunger for fat,

The fingers like blood-sucking insects

So they feel for a crack in pretty girls

Then to bring out the Buddha tooth in its true form.

(From: Zhang and the nun from Qiyun monastery. Erotic stories from ancient China)