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Whether more muscle mass or a better figure - both only work with the right protein supply. But not all proteins are the same. Whey (whey protein) and casein work best together. Because both are highly specialized in supplying your body with the most important amino acids. We'll explain to you how you can most effectively integrate proteins such as whey and casein into your everyday life.


“Whey or casein?” Is a question that we come across again and again and which can be answered very easily: “Whey and casein!”. Both proteins have a similar amino acid profile, but function completely differently and therefore complement each other perfectly: While whey acts as a "fast" protein anabolic, i.e. building muscles, casein as a "slow" counterpart prevents the catabolic, i.e. degrading, processes in your body. What does that mean for you in practice? Let's go into detail:


No protein concentrate will be like this fast absorbed and used by your body like whey (Whey protein). There are only a few minutes between ingestion and processing of the amino acids in the target tissue. Round 30 minutes after taking the amino acids are already in your bloodstream and after a total of 40 minutes the amino acid level reaches its highest level. Studies suggest that rapidly skyrocketing amino levels are most effective Protein synthesis cares. Specifically, this means that just because you constantly supply your body with whey throughout the day does not automatically make your muscles grow faster.

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Take home message 1: Whey is quickly absorbed by your body and provides you with important amino acids within a very short time.



Whey is the Usain Bolt among proteins: explosive at short range. Casein, on the other hand, is the long-distance runner. Not quite so fast But it also shines constant high speed even after the sprinter has run out of breath for a long time.

While whey quickly ensures a high level of amino acids in the body and thus drives protein synthesis, casein can due to its slower recording your body up to seven hours constant supply of amino acids. This will make the Protein degradation rate significantly reduced. And if you remember that muscle building is also the result of the equation protein building minus protein breakdown, it becomes clear that an anti-catabolic protein is just as important as an anabolic protein.

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Take home message 2: Due to its slow absorption, casein supplies your body with amino acids over a longer period of time and thus protects your muscles from degradation.


Of course, it is also possible to meet your daily whey and casein requirements through a normal diet. Because the two types of protein are found in different parts of milk and foods made from them such as quark, yoghurt or ricotta. In terms of a calorie-conscious diet, however, protein shakes offer by far the best ratio of protein intake to less popular "side effects" such as fat and calories.

Whey its easy digestibility makes the necessary amino acids available very quickly. A half an hour before training and immidiatly after a protein-rich meal or the corresponding protein shake is important. Because during and immediately after exercise, both your protein breakdown and protein synthesis run at full speed.If you provide your body with the necessary material (amino acids) for this period, it will dismantle a hut and build a small house in the same place. The initially catabolic reaction turns into an anabolic response - exactly what you need to build muscle.

The slow one Casein does not provoke protein synthesis peaks due to its long residence time in the stomach, then effectively protects against protein degradationu in your body when it matters: namely at night, when our body has to do without nutrients such as proteins for a long time. For this reason, we recommend a casein-rich meal before bed. You let this protein work for you for around seven hours without having to do anything. A positive side effect: Because it stays in the stomach for a long time, it keeps you full for a long time. Sounds good right?

Take home message 3: While whey is ideal before and especially after training, casein is ideal for when you are not training (such as at night).


Whey and casein, used together and strategically correctly, create an ideal environment that provides your muscles with long-term optimal support - provided you have good training. Whey brings your muscle building into high gear and supplies where your body needs the urgently needed building materials. Casein is the guardian that slowly but steadily keeps you in an anti-catabolic state. So if the question comes up again, "Whey or Casein", the best thing to do is to answer "Both!"

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Take home message 4: Both types of protein fulfill an important function in their own way.


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1. The two types of protein, whey and casein, help you achieve your goals in two different ways, if used correctly.

2. Thanks to its easy digestibility, whey is quickly available to your body for a short period of time. It is considered the most anabolic protein.

3. Casein, on the other hand, supplies you with amino acids in a lower concentration but constantly over a long period of time. The reason for this is the long time it remains in your stomach and the associated, slow absorption in your body. Casein thus acts as an anti-catabolic protein.

4. While whey makes sense immediately before and after training, casein ensures you a constant supply in stressful everyday life or overnight.

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