Why Casino Always Wins When Playing

The craziest wins in casino history

News from 07/05/2019

Casino games are very popular. But why is that? After all, the chances of winning are not particularly high. In general one could say: the house (casino) always wins, because the gambling system works in such a way that in the long run players do not win but lose. One factor that makes gambling, especially casino games, so popular is the event itself.

You go out, have a colorful evening and have a lot of fun, as long as you don't have to accept too many losses. The often very chic ambience also contributes to this. All in all, a visit to the casino is a very popular nightlife option. However, the main reason there are so many casino enthusiasts out there is the reputation of money and the prospect of great luck. Just as many people dream of winning the lottery with a 6 in the lottery and having them taken care of forever, there are many people whose dream is to win millions in the casino. But often it stays what it is: just a dream. Because, as already mentioned, the chances of winning are generally very low and the big win is therefore very unlikely. However, this does not mean that winnings are generally excluded, one should just not approach gambling with the idea of ​​wanting to enrich oneself. However, the legendary million jackpots are not entirely absurd. We'll show you the most spectacular casino wins of all time below.

MGM Grand (Las Vegas, NV): $ 20-40 million

One night in Las Vegas, Australian billionaire Kerry Packer (who was number one on the nation's richest list with a net worth of $ 6.5 billion at the time of his death in 2005) decided to play baccarat and blackjack out of curiosity . That evening he won between $ 20 million and $ 40 million (the exact number of his biggest win in Las Vegas is unknown as there were several). Kerry began donating money immediately after his winning streak at the MGM Grand. For example, the tip of the head waiter and the waitress who served him could be as high as $ 1,000,000. Some charities have also enjoyed a generous donation.

Excalibur (Las Vegas, NV): $ 39.7 million

In March 2003, a 25-year-old Los Angeles engineer came to Vegas to bet on his favorite basketball team. A few hours before the game, he decided to spend some time at the famous Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. The young man went to the slot machines and then it happened. He was spending a total of $ 100 when the jackpot sign appeared on the screen and the music started playing. This is one of the biggest wins in Vegas and comes in at a phenomenal $ 39,713,982.25. This can be compared to the average profit of the entire venue for a month. The winner decided to keep his name a secret so that he would be remembered as a “young engineer”. In addition, he asked the management of Excalibur not to immediately transfer the winnings to him, but rather to transfer approximately USD 1,500,000 annually to his account.

Palace Station (Las Vegas, NV): $ 680,000 and more than $ 27 million

Sometimes it pays to be persistent. A 60-year-old woman won $ 680,000 on a wheel of fortune slot machine. The woman did not spend the money, however. She kept playing and used the sum to finance her casino visits. She invested all of her casino winnings in her gaming activity, so to speak. Before long, her "investments" turned out to be a super profit - she won the jackpot on the Megabucks slot for $ 27,000,000.

Mirage (Las Vegas, NV): $ 21M and $ 4.6M

Winning a million dollars is almost impossible. However, there are people who have done this twice. Elmer Sherwin, a World War II veteran, was 76 when he hit a $ 4.6 million jackpot. It happened ten hours after the Mirage Casino opened. Elmer spent the money on a trip around the world. After such a happy occasion, he continued to visit venues regularly - twice a week. Sixteen years passed and this time he hit the jackpot again. This time it was a whopping $ 21 million. The veteran spent most of his second victory not on himself but on charity: he helped those affected and victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Caesar, Borgata, and Tropicana Casinos (Atlantic City): $ 15 million

From December 2010 to April 2011, Don Johnson won $ 15 million at three Atlantic City casinos and was nicknamed "The Killer from Atlantic City" among casino owners. When Johnson decided on such a great game, he asked the casino manager to put in some rules that would reduce a gambling house's edge. One of the rules was to compensate 20% of a player's losses when they were at least $ 500,000. You say the manager disregarded the calculations and therefore accepted Don’s terms. By the way, the carefree manager was eventually fired. Some suspicious watchers of Johnson's triumphal march in the casino have argued that the lucky player used mundane card counting. In addition, he shared his secrets of a successful game. According to Johnson, there are only two rules that have helped him win astronomical sums of money playing blackjack. The first rule is a thorough understanding of the basic blackjack strategy diagrams and basic math skills. The second secret is to have a relaxed attitude towards profit and loss.

Gold Coast (Las Vegas, NV): $ 12 million

In 1996, postal worker John Tippin came to Las Vegas for a vacation and set a world record by winning a $ 12 million Megabucks jackpot. However, his life did not change for the better. He spent all of the money on luxury, women, and drugs. In 2001, John published a book telling how he went from jet setter to loser and alcoholic. Mr. Tippin cautions those who believe that winning big will solve all of their problems. The book is fascinating to read and also shows the downsides of winning.

Mountaineer Casino Circuit and Resort (Chester, WV): $ 3.7 million

On June 7, 2006, Beverly Whitten likely believed her life was coming to an end: she had recently retired from a 38-year teaching career. But almost a week later, on June 15th, Beverly realized that life was just beginning! She hit the jackpot of $ 3,718,311! She played a slot machine called "Golden Chambers" for two hours and won. Whitten didn't know where to spend so much money so she asked the casino to pay her in installments - $ 1,945 a month.

Casino (London): $ 1.6 million

Newcastle United Football Club's English billionaire Mike Ashley visited the most famous casino called Fifty in 2008. Since Ashley was a busy man who valued his time, he decided not to play roulette for more than 15 minutes. He publicly stated that he would only bet on a certain number once - the 17th. Mike Ashley immediately won $ 1.6 million. After Ashley's money was paid out, he thanked the casino staff and left.

Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco): 1 million francs

A well-known roulette player, Charles Wells, dreamed of wealth and incredible popularity all his life. He spent all his money on roulette.
It was Charles Wells who became known as the man who robbed the Monte Carlo bank of its money, and his name went down in gambling history.
In July 1891 he went to Monte Carlo to play a roulette wheel. He was instantly addicted to gambling and borrowed money from the bank. Wells' game lasted eleven hours and within that time he managed to hit the jackpot twelve times. The casino did not have enough chips for such high winnings. He finally left the casino with a total winnings of around one million francs.

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Always keep in mind what was said at the beginning: The chances of winning are slim. So if you want to play yourself, do so responsibly for your own good. For example, you can set a limit on how much money you want to use in a certain period of time. This amount should only be as high as you can actually afford. Therefore, if necessary, check your finances beforehand and do not use more money than what you can safely do without. (prm)