What underwear teenagers wear

On the underwear: What women in Germany wear underneath

It has to be straightforward, practical and convenient. And should preferably be white or black. We're talking about underwear that women in Germany prefer. Transparent or yellow is rather unpopular, while lace is favored by at least every second woman.

This was the result of the study “TW-KonsumFokus Bodywear Women”, which examined the buying and wearing behavior of women for underwear in Germany. It shows over 40 target groups which styles and colors they prefer for underwear, what prices they are willing to pay for panties, bras, bodysuits and shirts, where and how they buy their underwear, how important the brand is and which brands are most likely to be bought from them.

Women want comfortable, beautiful and inexpensive underwear

On average, women have 24 briefs, as well as six undershirts and eleven bras. 15 percent of women get laundry from their partner as a gift. 81 percent of the younger respondents under 30 and 55 percent of those over 50 own top lingerie. 44 percent wear a push-up bra at least occasionally. Twelve percent rarely or never use a bra, and more often when they are older.

The study also came to the result that more and more women wear sportswear in everyday life. "Especially in jobs in which they move a lot, they value the added value of sports bras and breathable functional underwear," the study found.

Above all, a good bra should fit comfortably, but almost half of customers find it difficult to find the right model for them from the system of cup sizes and underbust sizes; every second has therefore already sought advice.

Lingerie is still mainly bought in department stores - perhaps precisely because of the need for advice, the study estimates. Department stores, however, are losing customers; almost two thirds of women now sometimes buy panties, bras or bodies online because they are cheaper there.

German customers save on price: they only spend an average of 14 euros on new briefs and 35 euros on a new bra; often it is only 9 euros for a pair of briefs and 25 euros for a bra. The most popular lingerie brands are Triumph, Schiesser, Lascana and Passionata.

The basis of the consumer focus “Bodywear Women” is a nationwide online representative survey of more than 1000 women, which was carried out in March 2019 by the Cologne market research institute Respondi on behalf of TextilWirtschaft.

Photos: Triumph Amourette / Triumph website; popular Schiesser styles / Schiesser website