How do I kill shyness

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Every fifth German citizen suffers from their own shyness and timidity. Shyness is the irrational fear of meeting other people. Mostly it is related to physical symptoms (such as blushing, clammy hands, palpitations) or thoughts like "I'm not interesting", "The others laugh at me". What follows are: Wallflower existence, non-stop handicrafts in the hobby room, no chance with the opposite sex or at work, no sex. Shy people wonder where their fear comes from: Were my parents too strict, have I been embarrassed too often as a child, or have I just inherited the problems? "The Shy Book" explains the causes of social anxiety. And it shows what you can do about shyness. Bandelow explains therapy options, assesses the effects of various drugs and explains how you can free yourself from the shyness trap through targeted exercises and techniques. An informative, entertaining guide for the shy and for everyone who knows the shy!

Review note on Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 30, 2007

Alex Rühle's advice from the neurologist, psychiatrist and psychologist Borwin Bandelow is definitely recommended for shy people. In his view, the book offers not only a clear definition of this widespread social phobia, but also a profound overview of the causes and a critical examination of possible forms of therapy. Bandelow himself think behavior therapy measures together with some medication are helpful. In the book, Rühle finds a large number of tips that go in the direction of flirt managers and small talk help, and mostly belong to the psychotherapeutic technique of flooding. Rühle seems questionable whether all the suggestions and tips are really useful. Nonetheless, he finds the author's confidence that shyness can be overcome as encouraging.
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