What is your strangest massage experience

The world's craziest, strangest spa treatments

Dave and I had loads of unique spa treatments coated in seaweed, curved like a pretzel, or pulped.

The world's craziest, strangest spa treatments

While we've also had a plethora of luxurious deep tissue treatments, hot stone massages, and even acupuncture and bamboo therapies, it's the wacky, wacky, and downright insane spa treatments that have stayed with us.

We always have a good laugh whenever we bring up some of our best spa memories and we thought we'd share some of those moments with you today.

Enjoy our selection of the craziest spa treatments from our travels around the world.

1. Hot cupping in Yangzhou, China

Many of you are likely to say, “What's so crazy about hot cupping? Gweneth Paltrow swears by it?

But we say you didn't have a proper hot cup treatment until you did this in China.

I've gone to a couple of places since then. You know the tame kind of hot cupping where they put some hot cups on my back for a few minutes.

But in China, they put about 40 bamboo cups on our backs and gave us 20 minutes while they did their magic.

Hot cupping in China

[responsive-video identifier = "MH8p0J75tcA"]

The hot cups sucked on our skin, pressed us on our backs and made me almost claustrophobic.

It felt like my entire torso was compressed and I had to calm my breath and myself as she plopped them onto my skin at breakneck speed.

Dave watched it all first and filmed it before undergoing treatment. As he said, "it would have been better to go first because it was downright terrifying to watch."

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2. Algae bath in Ireland

[responsive-video identifier = "4H9mvpZp5f0?"]

It is an old Irish tradition to sit in a tub filled with seaweed drawn from the North Atlantic coast. And while we were driving the Wild Atlantic Way, Dave and I had to try.

Dave wasn't particularly enthusiastic and said, “I usually try to avoid touching seaweed when I'm swimming, so it doesn't sound appealing to bathe in.

But I say, “When I'm in Rome, I'm wrong about Ireland. It's difficult to explain what it's about so let's just let our video do the talking.

3. Hammam in Morocco

Have you ever heard of a hammam?

If not, a hammam is probably one of the most unique and craziest massages you will ever do.

It starts in a steamy hot room where everyone is naked and you can barely see a foot in front of your face. Then someone comes to get you and leads you out of the steam to a marble slab where they scrub and bend your body at will.

You didn't know before that you can be a contortionist, but you can! As Dave said, "I thought he was going to break my back at some point, but he was bigger than me so I went with it!"

Oh, I forgot to mention that it all starts with a body scrub that removes at least three layers of skin! Sounds fun? Get to Morocco and try a hammam.

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4. Turkish bath

The Turkish bath was very similar to the hammam, except that the Turkish bath started in a dry sauna instead of the steam room and ended with a cold plunge pool.

All the moments in between were pretty much the same. We were scrubbed down and massaged on a marble slab in the middle of a large arched room where we were bent and pushed.

It was just as strange and uncomfortable but if you go with the flow you can really enjoy it. Heat, scrub, massage on a smooth plate, lots of soap and oil ... Oh yes.

Ayurvedic massage in India

In Alleppy we learned about one of the best Ayurvedic massage centers in India.

We didn't have a massage scheduled but it seemed like the thing everyone was doing so we thought we should give it a try.

Both Dave and I had therapists who didn't speak English so we just let them do what they wanted.

Our separate massage experiences

Dave's guy wrapped him in a tiny little loincloth as a bug and started the session.

My girl covered me with oil and seemed to think that my breasts were very tense when they kneaded them like crazy.

I'm not sure if this is the case with these types of massage, but I've done several massages that focus on the upper front of my body in Asia and the Middle East.

Dave seemed to have an experience similar to walking home in oil. Dave said:I didn't know whether to tip him or buy him dinner. "

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Salt cave in Canada

A unique spa experience

A salt cave experience seemed crazy to both of us. And yet we've been to at least two other salt caves since then!

The stones crunched under our feet as we went into a cold room to sit huddled under a blanket for 45 minutes.

What does a salt cave do?

They told us that 45 minutes in the salt cave was just as detoxifying as a two week cleanse.

But all Dave could think was, “Is this a place for a massage or a place to keep my wine?

Anyway, we sat in the cave and stared at the twinkling lights. I think they also tried to incorporate a bit of light therapy into our session.

I couldn't really relax because I was just too cold.

Shouldn't spas be cozy and warm? I live in Canada, if I want to be cool I can just go outside in mid-January.

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Mud bath in Vietnam

We were in Vietnam years ago but this spa treatment really stands out on our minds.

At this point we were in Thailand and Laos and we had a lot of Thai massages that flexed our bodies in ways we didn't know, but when we got to the mud baths in Vietnam we were ready for something new.

So when we got the chance to dive into ooey-gooey mud, we did it.

How a mud bath is

We went into the pits of the hot mud and poured it over our heads and rubbed it on our faces.

We foamed it into our hair and massaged each other's backs with mud. We really had no idea what we were doing.

We just kept going from one pool to the other, pouring as much mud as possible over our heads.

Once we were thoroughly covered in mud, we would sit in the sun, let it dry, and then wash it off. That's it. The end.

Dead Sea of ​​Jordan

Dave enjoys the Dead Sea

People from all over the world flock to enjoy the healing waters of the Dead Sea, and Dave and I were no exception.

We couldn't wait to jump into the warm water and splash ourselves with black mud.

Salt of the sea is strong

But the moment we jumped in, the salt burned our sensitive skin.

Ouch! That hurts. I couldn't wait to get out and take a shower with fresh water. The burning was almost unbearable.

After a quick rinse, I tried again and it hurt as well.

Perhaps the Dead Sea mud would ease the pain. So we were busy pouring black mud on top of each other, and when it dried quickly, it hurt even more.

This Dead Sea spa is painful! However, since we are the stubborn mules, we decided to keep the mud for as long as possible.

Reflexology in Penang, Malaysia

Have you ever seen the Amazing Race a few years ago where one of the challenges was to sit down and get your feet massaged?

When you saw her flinch and squirm, did you think they were total problems?

Reflexology in Malaysia

Well we got this exact massage in Penang Malaysia and it was the most excruciating experience ever.

Every pressure point it hit on my foot was agony. I writhed and grimaced, warning Dave of the pain he was about to feel.

When it was finally Dave's turn I expected him to scream. But something strange happened. Instead, he sat quietly while the reflexologist worked his magic.

During the treatment, the therapist looked at me and said:You have to be more like Dave, he's relaxed. You are so tense that it makes you sick. He is calm and healthy. “So that was it!

In my defense, I was very ill with Graves disease and extreme hyperthyroidism at the time.

My doctor even advised Dave and me not to travel to Asia for health reasons. Miraculously, my disorder disappeared during our seven months in Asia, and when I returned home my doctor told me I had gone into remission and the chance was only 4%.

Maybe this therapist in Penang healed me!

Ionic foot bath in Nepal

After a few months in Asia walking through dirty streets in flip flops, your feet can get quite uncomfortable.

After our hike to Everest Base Camp, Dave and I said enough is enough, we need to fix our feet.

But Dave drew the line on a pedicure and was talked into an ionic foot bath instead.

What is an ion foot bath?

They said this would remove all toxins from your body. You will be able to see Black Death in the water. It was already turning black.

It quickly turned darker and darker yellow with creepy-looking black bubbles forming over the water. - Whoa, Dave! You are poisonous.

But we didn't believe it, maybe it's just the chemicals in the water that make it black for everyone.

That was until a young girl sat down next to Dave and ordered her own foot bath. After a few minutes we checked how black their water was turning.

It was almost clear with a tinge of yellow and no bubbles. I think they didn't set us up.

The ion foot bath showed us how toxic our body had become. However, as Dave saidIt's not me, it's me in Asia, the continent made me toxic. "

Fish Spa - Greece

Fish Spa is probably one of the weirdest, craziest spa treatments out there!

It took us forever to try the fish spa.

Gnawing small creatures on our dead skin is not the most pleasant thought on earth.

Fish bath in Santorini

But while we were in Santorini we tried and guess what?

We loved it. Our feet hit when we travel and these fish get straight to our cracked heels and dry toes. We felt silky smooth after this treatment.

The fish tickle your toes, but otherwise feel completely relaxed.

Is it clean and safe?

They say that they clean the water regularly and that it is clean and safe, but what do we know? We're just a couple of idiotic travelers who will try everything!

These are our craziest spa experiences from around the world. Some are crazier than others, others are downright silly, and others are oh so comforting.

Would we do either of them again? Do you bet? The crazier the better.

Give us memories to take home and discuss and we will try, no matter how awkward or strange it seems, bring it with you, baby.

What's your strangest spa experience?

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