Highly intelligent people hesitate

Sex Research: Smart Teens Have Less Sex

The American professor Tyler Cowen presents two studies on the English-language internet platform "Gene Expression" that deal with the sexual behavior of young people in the USA in relation to their intelligence quotient. One of the two studies looks at teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 and the second looks at young college students aged 19 and over.

The first study includes an IQ test and a detailed listing of sexual experiences from holding hands to intercourse. Accordingly, students with an IQ over 100 and under 70 are far less interested in sexual intercourse than adolescents in the IQ groups in between. Also, teens with an IQ between 75 and 90 are more likely than others to have had sexual intercourse.

Intelligent adolescents stay abstinent longer

With an IQ of 100, adolescents are 1.5 to 5 times more inclined to have sexual intercourse than adolescents with an IQ between 120 and 130. Each additional IQ point increases the likelihood of virginity by 2.7 percent for males and by 1, 7 percent among female adolescents.

Another study examines the sexual behavior of young people from the age of 19 years. According to this, 87 percent of all college students have had sex. The percentage of young people who are no longer virgins is lower at elite colleges. According to this study, only 56 percent of Princeton college students have had sex. At Harvard, 59 percent of students are no longer virgins. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), only a small majority of 51 percent have already had sex.

In addition, the virginity was examined in relation to the respective major of the students. At Wellesley, zero percent of Studio Art students are virgin, but 72 percent of bio major and 83 of biochemistry and math students. At MIT, 20 percent of humanities graduates are virgins and 73 percent of biology students. Apparently, those who are most likely to read Darwin are least likely to be Darwinists themselves.

One reason to believe that smarter young people in high school, students in elite colleges, or those with more demanding majors are holding back on their sexual debut is because they see intercourse as a future reward. Sexual behavior is likely to clash with timing required for other goals. Smarter people also devote themselves to other tasks to a greater extent. Even James Watson pointed out: "If I had married earlier, my life would probably have been very different. I would have always had to take care of the children on Saturdays. But every coin has two sides - on the other hand, I would not have been lonely so often . "

Are Smarter Men Less Attractive?

Perhaps this shows, however, that intelligent men are less able to find willing sex partners. Or are intelligent men less attractive to women? In some cases, that seems to be true. Athletic men with more willing sexual partners go to prostitutes less often. Studies show that a masculine body is related to an increasing number of sex partners.

Another idea is that smarter people are more likely to be more aware of dangers. The fear of unwanted pregnancies and contagious diseases inhibits them in their sexual activity. Of course, they do not generally give up sexual activity, but more often they hesitate because they are afraid of the possible consequences. Another guess is that smarter people are more religious or more conservative.

It also seems possible that intelligent people may want to have sex but are more selective about their partners. This way they find potential candidates unattractive more quickly. Another theory is that with IQ, sex drive goes down.

IQ also plays a role in adults