Allows Amazon affiliate ads on YouTube Affiliate Program Conditions of Participation (valid from October 23, 2009)

Subject of the contract between the partner and Amazon EU S.a.r.l. based in Luxembourg (hereinafter "") is the commercial placement of electronic advertisements with the partner by, as described in more detail in Appendix 1. Instead of a fixed remuneration, the partner receives a success-related reimbursement of advertising costs, which depends on the actual sales made with products based on a causal and direct, but independent of the partner of the ad, the link to the site (hereinafter referred to as the "link"). Products and services that are the subject of the contract (hereinafter also referred to as "products") are the products that are available on the website under the headings Books, English Books, Electronics & Photo, Kitchen, Home & Garden, Music, DVD, Video, Software , Computer & video games, toys & children's world and sports & leisure that can be added from time to time.

§1 Participation in the contract

In order to register for participation in the affiliate program, the affiliate must complete the registration form and submit it via the website. will check the registration and notify the partner of the result of the check. is entitled to reject a registration at any time if we determine, at our own discretion, that the partner website is not suitable for participation in the partner program. For example, unsuitability may apply to websites that

  • disseminate sexually explicit content,
  • Depict violence,
  • represent discriminatory content based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
  • contain or depict illegal activities,
  • Violate copyrights,
  • "amazon", any other trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates, or variations and typo domains of such a trademark to the left of the top-level domain in the URL (for example, a domain such as "" or "" or "" may not be allowed) or
  • any trademark of Inc. or one of its affiliates in an account name, username, group name, or any other name or password, such as e . This is the case with websites from so-called social networks (for example, a username such as “Endless Shoes” or “Amazon Japan” or “Kindle for you” would be used for registration or any other password on a social network website such as Twitter or Facebook will be inadmissible) or
  • otherwise violate the rights of third parties.

By participating in the partner program, the partner agrees not to participate in any of the aforementioned activities. The partner can submit a new application at any time if their registration has been rejected. However, the partners can only participate if they meet the requirements specified in Appendix 1 and are of legal age and their legal capacity is not restricted for other reasons.

Participation is limited to one partner account per partner. Additional accounts may only be created with the consent of Amazon.

When registering, partners must place themselves in the categories shown below.

a.A partner must categorize himself as a "SEM partner" (search engine marketing) if

i.They offer money on any Internet search engine for their ads for certain keywords / search terms to appear in the paid results of the respective search engine

ii. their advertisements displayed on any search engine directly link to as part of the partner program. partners are only allowed to link directly to Amazon from a search engine if you categorized yourself as a "SEM partner" when registering for the partner program. A PartnerNet account registered as a "SEM partner" may only be used to advertise within the meaning of this definition. The provisions set out in § 4 to restrict advertising with terms that contain Amazon or Amazon-like words remain unaffected by this regulation. The provisions regulated here apply to SEM partners, with the exception of the amount of the advertising cost reimbursement from Section 5.

b.When registering, partners must categorize themselves as a "Downloadable Application / Browser Extension" if the partner link made available to the user is either installed on the device used for Internet access or the partner link is integrated into software used by the user . This includes all cases of permanent integration of a partner link in a hardware device, an Internet browser, an Internet service or an e-mail program, but is not limited to these examples.

If a partner only changes his website after registering so that it is listed under a. and b. fall, he is obliged to inform Amazon immediately. The reclassification or registration as a SEM partner or downloadable application / browser extension partner leads to the exclusion of § 5 of the conditions of participation regulated below. Amazon sends the partner an email with the advertising reimbursement rates applicable for the category. The partner can object to the validity of this reimbursement of advertising costs. Amazon will inform the partner of this right. If the partner continues to participate in the partner program unchanged after receiving this e-mail, the conditions are deemed to have been accepted. Amazon is entitled to pay a partner who, at Amazon's own discretion, falls under the aforementioned terms, the advertising cost reimbursement provided for such partners, but not the advertising cost reimbursement regulated under § 5. A termination of participation or the assertion of damages in accordance with this contract remains unaffected. The amount of the advertising reimbursement for SEM partners and downloadable application / browser extension partners is available on request.

c."Offers & Coupons": This category includes partners whose business purpose is to inform users of their website about special offers and coupon campaigns. Business models with reimbursement in the form of cash or points are not included in this definition and are generally not permitted in accordance with Section 4.

d."Blog": This category includes partners who operate a website that can be summarized under the term blog. A blog can be a diary or journal published on a website, the content of which is a list of entries sorted chronologically downwards.

e."Content": Designates partners whose business model consists of dealing with certain topics or presenting products on their pages. This can e.g. B. Be fan pages.

f."Comparison Shopping Engine": For partners on whose websites users can compare the sales prices of different products from different providers. The main aspect of these pages is to compare and contrast prices. The pure price comparison can also be extended by further texts and reviews of the individual articles. Pure evaluation services, the main feature of which are comparisons of products, do not fall under this category.

G."Manufacturer / Publisher / Author / Artist": Designates all partners whose artistic work, manufacturer's certificate or range is sold on This can be, without being restricted to this, the artist of a music CD or the author of a book, but also the manufacturer of a specific product or a retailer who sells his items on

H."Non Profit / Charitable Organization": This category includes organizations whose purpose is charitable work for their members or third parties. Participation in the sense of this definition requires that the amount donated through Amazon purchases is not displayed on the operator's website.

i."Portal / website directory": This category includes websites that provide their users with a wide variety of services on their website (e.g. news, emails and other Internet services).

j."Other": If none of the aforementioned categories are relevant, the "Other" category applies. Despite this assessment, Amazon is entitled to assign the partner to a different category if Amazon deems this to be appropriate at its own discretion.

§2 links

1. The partner will establish a connection to the site from his website (partner link). A special link format is used for all partner links to, which makes available to the partner and must be correctly adhered to by the partner. With this connection he will specify the partner identifier agreed between the parties. Correct technical integration is the responsibility of the partner.

2. Identification as an partner: The partner will identify himself as a " partner" on his website. For this purpose provides the partner with a selection of logos. The logo should always function as a homepage link at the same time.

3. A change in the URL address of the contractual website of the partner does not imply any change to this contract and does not affect his rights and obligations under this contract.

4. Responsibility for links / tagging: The partner is solely responsible for all links and tagging. If they do not work, visitors will not be able to be registered on the site. In this case, no reimbursement of advertising costs can be paid.

5. The following link formats are available:

5.a. Single track link: The partner can select one or more products for their site. A product is any product listed on the website that is supplied by, a digital product (as defined below) and any product that is offered by a third party retailer on the website. No products under this program are digital items or services available through the Amazon website, unless they are a "digital product". A "digital product" refers to products that are offered under the name "Amazon MP3". A product or a category named on this page is also not a product in the sense of the partner program. Amazon reserves the right to exclude products or categories from the program at any time as necessary. Such excluded products or categories are named on this page. For each selected product, the partner creates a short description, criticism or other reference on its site. The partner is responsible for the content, style and placement of this information. The partner sets up a special link on its site for each product reference to the corresponding entry in the online catalog.

The single title link always contains a specific product identifier (ISBN / ASIN) and leads directly to a specific item in the online catalog. The customer must place this specifically identified contractual product in his shopping cart immediately after following the link from the partner's site on the site and purchase the product. Otherwise, the purchase is treated as if it were a general link. The partner can add or remove products (and corresponding links) from their site at any time without the consent of

5. b. General links: Are all other types of links that lead directly from the partner's site to the site. The following link formats are possible:

  • Search field link: The Affiliate can set up an search box that allows visitors to their site to go directly to the page on the site that contains the results of their query. provides the partner with the technical specifications for the installation of an search box on his site. Search box links are not single title links.
  • Homepage link: The partner can set up a general link to the homepage on his site in a format to be approved by provides the partner with guidelines and graphics that he can use for the link to the homepage.
  • recommends link: The partner can provide a placement on his site fills this placement with different content.
  • Other links: Other links are also possible and will be agreed between the two parties as required and set up by the partner.

5c. Promo link: Link via which Amazon can rotate different content and offers. The content provided by (graphics or text) may not be changed by the partner.

§3 inquiries / order processing reserves the right to reject inquiries and orders that do not meet the requirements of also reserves the right to refuse orders from customers who are known to be unworthy of credit or who do not issue direct debit authorization or who do not present a credit card with sufficient credit. is responsible for the entire processing and execution of the orders. In this respect, z. B. the order forms, posts payments, carries out cancellations and returns and takes care of customer service. records sales to customers who order contractual products offered by using special links between the partner's website and the site. prepares summary reports on these sales at regular intervals. can change the form, content and frequency of the reports at any time. In order to enable an accurate recording, reporting and statement of fees, the partner ensures that the links between his website and the site are correctly formatted.

§4 reimbursement of advertising costs

In order for the sale of a product that is the subject of the contract to trigger a claim for reimbursement of advertising costs, the customer must generate the sale of "qualified products".

Only income from orders that arise from the fact that a customer comes to our site via the partner link from the partner's website and places the product in the shopping cart during a session, in the case of a digital product, the digital delivery (e.g. Download) starts or gives it up during the session using the "1-Click Order" function offered by Amazon.

The term "session" describes a visitor to the website who is generated by clicking on a special link from the partner. A session has ended

a. 24 hours after the partner clicked on the website or

b. ordered the product and it is not a digital product or has registered for a service or

c. as soon as he leaves the website and returns to via the partner link of a third partner. If the customer returns to via a link other than the partner link of a third partner, purchases made using the "1-click order" will not be recorded.

The reimbursement of advertising costs for qualified products is only due after ordering, payment and shipping, or in the case of a digital product with digital delivery.

Qualified products can in no case be:

Products that are not sold and delivered by Amazon in its own name for its own account, including, but not limited to, products that are sold

i. from third parties in the sections auctions and zShops

ii. from third parties whose offers are displayed through a search functionality on the Amazon site and

iii. by third parties in "virtual shop windows" or other areas within the Amazon site in which third parties can offer goods and services for sale and

iv. via a site other than the site (e.g.,, and, unless Amazon provides a direct link from the in has placed advertising measures on these websites as agreed in this contract.

The partner is not entitled to purchase products for his own use, for resale or for other commercial purposes during a session that was opened via a link on his own site. This also includes orders for or on behalf of customers or orders for products for friends, relatives or business partners. If this is violated, is entitled to withhold the reimbursement of advertising costs and / or to terminate this contract.

The partner is also not entitled

  • Offer someone a benefit for using the links on their site (e.g.through a bonus system for users of its partner link)
  • to read, record or otherwise evaluate the content of the information provided to us by customers through the partner link or in any other way in any way
  • to change or delete the function of buttons, links or other interactive facilities in any way
  • to carry out transactions with Amazon for third parties or to induce third parties to do so
  • to do anything suitable to deceive customers about the relationship between the partner and or about which website the transactions take place
  • apart from the link formats defined in these terms and conditions, to bring advertising materials that represent or the website into connection with our site (e.g. through frames, pop-ups or pop-unders) or to induce third parties to do so
  • unfairly influence our advertising reimbursement system, e.g. B. by the partner trying to bypass certain value limits that are relevant for the reimbursement of advertising costs by displaying particularly cheap Amazon products or by inserting a technology that opens a page in the user's browser without this he has actively clicked on a link (as defined under §2) on the partner's website
  • interrupt or redirect traffic from other participants in the affiliate program
  • To use any content or partner link in connection with any application software for mobile communication devices (e.g. mobile phones, smartphones, etc.) without our prior written consent.
  • Buy, register, or attempt to register certain keywords, search terms, or so-called keywords and similar terms that contain the word "Amazon", "Endless", "Kindle", "Javari" or any other trademark owned by, Inc. or an associated company or modifications thereof (eg "Amazone", amaozn ", etc., hereinafter referred to as" Protected Terms ") in order to use them in search engines, portals and other service providers.

Amazon reserves the right to require the partner to request a search engine operator to exclude certain protected terms from the partner's keyword booking, provided that the respective search engine operator allows the exclusion of individual terms from the keywords. Keywords denote those terms that are offered by the respective search engine operators for booking by website operators in order to display individual websites with a search result that had the respective keyword as the subject.

If, at our discretion, we come to the conclusion that the partner has undertaken one of the aforementioned actions or has not immediately complied with the aforementioned request for the exclusion of protected terms, we are entitled to withhold any reimbursement of advertising costs and to terminate the contract without notice, without prejudice to any other legal consequences.

§5 Amount of the advertising cost reimbursement pays the partner a reimbursement of advertising costs for sales of qualified products under this agreement that have been generated in accordance with the provisions of §4 above.

The following definitions apply:

A qualified product is an item that is sold and shipped via Amazon or shipped on behalf of Amazon.

A qualified third-party offer is a product that is sold and delivered by a third party on the platform.

Qualified net income are all income that Amazon generates from the sale of goods in its own name during the term of the contract. The basis for calculation is the net sales price of the product actually invoiced by (i.e. minus the taxes and duties applicable to the individual product or individual order). The price must be paid in full by the customer, amounts refunded to customers are not part of qualifying net income. Other service prices that may arise, such as shipping, handling and gift wrapping costs, are also not part of the qualifying net income.

A electronic product is a qualified product that is offered in the Electronics & Photo section of the site. Other products that are not offered in the Electronics & Photo section do not belong to the Electronic Products category, even if a customer accesses the product in question via the Electronics & Photo section, unless the product is also listed in the Electronics & Photo section offered.

An "Amazon MP3 Product" is a Qualified Product that is offered in the "MP3 Downloads" area on the page.

The term "area", as used above, refers to a group of pages on the website that mainly contain content on a specific category of products that are offered via Such pages are assigned to the respective area via a uniform browser structure, e.g. Electronics & Photo is an area and Camera & Photo is a category.

For each month of a calendar year in which Qualified Products were sold during a session initiated via a link on the partner's website, the partner receives - subject to the other provisions of these Conditions of Participation - a reimbursement of advertising costs according to the staggered model.

Advertising cost reimbursement according to the staggered model

For qualified products that were sold during a session that was initiated through a partner link on the partner's website, the partner earns the amount indicated in the table below for the respective number of products sold Percentage (hereinafter referred to as "Basic Advertising Reimbursement"):

In addition, the partner receives:

a. 6% of the qualified net income from all sales of gift vouchers, if the gift voucher sale takes place during a session initiated via a link on the partner site.

b. 10% of the qualified net income from sales of an MP3 product, if the sale of the MP3 product takes place during a session initiated via a link on the partner site. Sales of gift certificates and MP3 products do not count towards the calculation of the number of qualifying products sold for the table above. The partner only receives the agreed percentage as reimbursement of advertising costs.

Only those items are taken into account that were ordered, shipped, paid for and not returned within the respective month.

At the end of the month it is determined which level has been reached. The resulting percentage is then used as a basis for the total extra advertising cost reimbursement generated in the month. This means that if the partner reaches a higher level during a month, this will be taken into account for the entire month.

As part of the staggered model, the reimbursement of advertising costs for products from all areas is limited to a maximum of EUR 10 per article, regardless of the amount of the qualified net income of the individual product (maximum amount per article). The only exceptions are products in the areas of books, music and DVD.

§6 fee payment, retention of fee payment

The fee is billed monthly approximately 60 days after the end of the month. At's option, payment can be made by bank transfer or check. Payment is made minus those taxes that we are legally obliged to withhold. However, if the amount of the advertising cost reimbursement is less than EUR 50, reserves the right to withhold the amount due until a total of at least EUR 50 is reached (at least until the end of the next month) or ( if before) this Agreement is terminated. If a product that qualifies for an advertising reimbursement is returned by the customer and / or is not paid for on time, will deduct the corresponding amount from the next monthly payment. If no further sales are made, will send the partner an invoice for the fee amount still owed and repayable.

If the partner is liable for sales tax, pays the fee plus the relevant EU sales tax at the applicable statutory rate, provided the partner submits a valid sales tax invoice for the amount to be paid in good time. Amazon can offer the partner to postpone the payment of the advertising cost reimbursement to the following regular payment period, provided that a valid VAT invoice has been submitted by the partner.

If the bank details stored by the partner are or become incorrect, will withhold payment until the data has been corrected, but at least until the next regular payout time. can change or discontinue the payment methods offered at any time. The partner can choose the preferred payment method exclusively from the payment methods offered. Payment is made in EUR.

The online offer is intended exclusively for direct sales to end customers; Except from the remuneration are sales due to orders that the partner ("payee" or "contact person") makes for his own use at, as this represents an inadmissible indirect discount. Accordingly, the partner undertakes not to pass on any fees paid by - not even in part - to the customer and not to remunerate orders in any other way, either directly or indirectly - not even in the form of payments in kind. is entitled to withhold payments for mediated orders if such orders are placed in violation of the provisions of these terms and conditions.

§7 guidelines and pricing

Customers who purchase products from via the link in accordance with Section 2 above are customers of An independent legal relationship arises between the customer and, which is independent of any legal relationship between the partner and the customer who visits the partner's site. As a result, the rules, guidelines and operating processes of with regard to customer orders, customer service and product sales apply exclusively to these customers. can change guidelines and operational and order-related processes at any time. Product prices and availability can change from time to time. The partner will only include product information on its site according to the following guidelines:

The partner may only copy the following content from the site and use it on his site solely to promote his links to

• Cover images ("cover scans"): a maximum of 100 pieces

• "", "" and / or "" reviews (they must always be marked as such on the partner's website with the following copyright identifier: © 1998 - 2004, Inc. and subsidiaries)

• Brief descriptions

• Database information (e.g. ISBN, title, author, etc.)

• It is recommended that database information about price and / or availability not be entered or copied from the partner's website as it can change frequently. They are only constantly updated on the website.

All other content, such as

• All reviews that are not explicitly marked as "", "" and / or "" reviews, including all customer reviews, listener reviews and reader reviews

• Tables of Contents

• Author biographies

• Sound samples

• sales rank

• Average customer rating ", customer reviews, stars may not be copied from the site.

The corresponding Licensing Agreement applies to content that is used within the framework of Web Services. will do its best to provide accurate information to the best of its ability, but cannot accept any liability for errors in transmission.

Information on prices or availability should therefore not be adopted unless they are transmitted as part of a "" link or by web services. Show prices with prices on other websites for the same or a comparable product in a comparative manner, e.g. by using a price comparison tool, the customer is obliged to show both the price for the new product and the cheapest reported price for a used product. Any other price representation in the product description is not permitted.

§8 Specifications of the partner website will provide the partner with graphic representations and texts in electronic form, which he will use to present the advertisements and links.

The partner agrees and expressly agrees that Amazon and its affiliated companies have the right to browse the partner website or to observe it in any other way in order to ensure the quality and functional reliability of the links (e.g. to avoid broken or Find broken links or links to products that are no longer available). The partner agrees to actions by Amazon and its affiliates in this regard and will refrain from any action against browsing or monitoring the website. He also acknowledges that Amazon and its affiliated companies have the right to use technical measures to overcome functions to prevent the search and monitoring of the partner website.

Furthermore, the partner declares that he

• Will not display any third party logos or trademarks on the platform in connection with this Agreement

• will only use the materials, data, images or other information ("content") made available under this agreement in a lawful manner and only in accordance with the provisions of this agreement

• will not change the content, insofar as it consists of graphic images, except to adjust it in terms of size

• Will not edit the content, if it is text, except to shorten the length of the text

• will not sell, redistribute, sublicense or transfer the content • will not use the content to redirect customers or purchases to sites other than

• immediately destroy any content that is no longer displayed on or is no longer made available to the partner.

§9 Limited License grants the partner a non-exclusive, revocable right to use the advertising material, notifications and all other representations described in §4 and §8 only for the purpose of marking his site as an " partner" website to present the specified advertising material. No license is granted for the use of music samples (sound samples). The partner will not change the advertising material, communications or any of the other representations in any way without the prior express consent of reserves all rights with regard to their logos, their trade names or brands and their other industrial property rights. In addition, the partner is obliged to observe the applicable and published brand guidelines of is entitled to revoke the license granted to the partner at any time by written notification.

§10 guarantee / liability of the partner

The partner is responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of its website and for all material that appears on the website.

1. The partner guarantees in particular

a. the correct and appropriate presentation of the material presented on his website, which he has taken over from or prepared himself

b. that no depictions of violence, sexually explicit content or discriminatory, insulting, defamatory statements or representations regarding race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age appear on its website

c. that neither the design nor the content of its website creates a likelihood of confusion with, the site or any other website operated by or one of its affiliated companies

d. that the content of its website does not infringe any third party rights, in particular no patent, copyright, trademark or other commercial property rights or general personal rights and

e. no spam emails (i.e.To send e-mails to people who have not expressly given their consent to receiving the e-mails).

2. The partner is liable for this Assurances and will release from all disadvantages and from any claims by third parties that arise due to the non-application of the assurances.

§11 Relations between the parties

Both parties operate their sites independently of one another and are solely responsible for their websites in terms of technology, content and design. This agreement does not constitute a company or association, nor an employment relationship or a commercial agency agreement between the parties. Neither party is entitled to act on behalf of the other party and / or to accept offers on behalf of the other party, to make assurances, declarations of commitment or other declarations.

§12 Limitation of Liability

With the exception of the liability in §10 and §13 of this contract, the liability of the parties to one another under this contract is limited to intent and gross negligence and - in the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations - to simple negligence. This also applies to the liability of employees, representatives and vicarious agents. The limitation of liability does not apply to claims arising from initial inability or impossibility for which we are responsible. If Amazon violates an essential contractual obligation, the obligation to pay compensation is limited to the typically foreseeable damage, and in particular does not include lost profit or consequential damage

§13 Disclaimer of liability from makes no guarantees and makes no representations with regard to its site or the products sold through its site (including but not limited to the guarantee of the suitability of products for the contractual or normal purpose, the non-infringement of third party rights or other guarantees arising from Fulfillment of a contract or a commercial custom). In addition, does not guarantee that the operation of its site will be uninterrupted and error-free; assumes no liability for the consequences of any interruptions or errors. The above limitation of liability does not apply if the applicable law does not permit such a limitation of liability.

§14 contract duration / termination

This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and can be terminated at any time with a notice period of seven days. An extraordinary termination without notice for an important reason is permissible. Important reasons are, for example:

• Non-commercial operation of the partner's website

• a violation of essential provisions of this agreement (e.g. the prohibition of reimbursements to the customer, the requirement of confidentiality, non-compliance with the specification in accordance with §8, non-compliance with the license provisions in accordance with §9, in particular a revocation by, the assurance in accordance with §10)

• a significant change in the shareholder or management relationships of one of the parties

The termination must be made in writing by email or letter.

§15 consequences of termination

With the termination of this agreement, all rights of use granted by the partner to the advertisements, notifications and other representations made available by expire. He will take all technical precautions so that with the termination of this agreement there is no longer any link between his website and the site.

The partner is entitled to reimbursement of advertising costs for sales of products only for the duration of the agreement. Reimbursement of advertising costs incurred up to the point in time at which the contract is terminated remains owed, provided that the corresponding orders are not canceled or not paid for. is entitled to withhold the final payment to the partner for a reasonable period of time, but at least up to 30 days after the end of the respective calendar month, in order to ensure that the correct amount is paid. Compensation claims in connection with the termination of this contract are excluded. Those provisions of this contract which by their nature also apply after the termination of this contract continue to apply.

§16 Changes to the Conditions of Participation

1. Amazon reserves the right to change or revise these conditions of participation during the term of the contract.

2. Amazon will inform its contractual partner of any change to the conditions of participation by email and give them the opportunity to view their current version.

3. The contractual partner is entitled to object to the changes. If does not receive any objection from the contractual partner within seven days of the notification of the changed conditions of participation, the changes are deemed to have been accepted by the contractual partner and become part of the existing contractual relationship.

4. Amazon will inform the partner of the right to object each time the conditions of participation are changed.

5. These regulations also apply to the recalculation of the reimbursement of advertising costs.

6. Amazon is entitled to transfer the rights from this contract in whole or in part to other companies affiliated with Amazon.

§17 contract changes

This agreement conclusively reflects the content of the contractual agreements between the parties and replaces any previous agreements between the parties regarding the subject matter of the contract. Ancillary agreements, including verbal ones, have not been made. Changes or additions to this agreement will be communicated by email or on the website. Changes that are introduced at the partner's request must be confirmed in writing by Amazon.

§18 Partial Invalidity

Should one of the provisions of this agreement be or become ineffective or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity or practicability of the remaining provisions. In this case, the parties will agree on a provision that comes as close as possible from an economic point of view to the ineffective or unenforceable provision and which is effective.

§ 19 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Luxembourg law applies. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all claims in connection with the business relationship is Luxembourg City, provided that both contractual partners are registered traders or one of the contractual partners has its registered office or domicile abroad or has relocated abroad. is entitled to sue at the general place of jurisdiction of the partner.

Appendix 1 - The commercial placement of electronic advertisements

For reasons of fixed book prices, we can only work with commercial partners as part of the partner program.

When you apply for the program, we will assume that you meet this requirement.

You are "commercial" if:

1. Your company is a GmbH or

2. You have registered a business or

3. You operate your own server or

4. You have your own domain name for your website.

The other option is to fax us a copy of your business registration or your trade license. If you do this, please make sure to clearly write your partner ID on the fax. Please fax only to this fax number:

from Germany: 08 00-2 82 40 00 (free of charge)

all other countries: + 49-941-78 87 81 11 (chargeable)

Please only use this fax number to fax your trade license. Please always send other correspondence by email.

Business registration

In order to register a business, depending on where your business is to be located, the following offices are responsible, for example:

• Court House

• District administration unit

• City administration

Please contact your local community to find out who is responsible.

When registering a new business, you can enter the following terms as "business purpose":

• "Brokering of business"

• "Mediation of business on the Internet"

• "Commercial intermediation"

or similar after consultation with the respective office.