What foods are bad for your health

These unhealthy foods will shorten your life by years, experts say

Some foods are, as the saying goes, poison for the body. Not one that pulls us away from one second to the next, but a creeping one that only worsens our health day by day without our noticing - until it is too late.

This type of poison is mostly found in supermarket foods that many have become accustomed to due to the ease of purchase and preparation or consumption without thinking too much about what it means to us.

Processed foods tend to be high in fat, sugar, and empty calories that provide energy but no nutrients. Consumption of these elements has been linked to an increased risk of various diseases or conditions, from heart problems to obesity, which can lead to early death or reduced life expectancy.

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These 6 unhealthy foods will shorten your life by years, according to experts

Stay away from sweet drinks!


1. Sweet drinks

In other words: soft drinks, lemonades or drinks with sweeteners. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations leads them in their classification of ultra-processed foods, i.e. foods whose ingredients are primarily intended for industrial use. That is, they have almost no substances and elements of culinary use.

2. Sweets or candies

The same organization lists goodies such as candies, chocolates, rolls and more packed under the NOVA system in their list of ultra-processed foods, which - like the aforementioned - are mainly made from industrially used ingredients.

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3. Packaged ice cream

Packaged popsicles and ice cream are also on the NOVA list of ultra-processed foods. All you have to do is take a look at the list of ingredients to see that milk is not a central element and that low-quality powder is mostly used, similar to processed cheese. They are also often high in sugar, which is harmful to health.

Instant diabetes: hamburgers and colas should be removed from your eating plan.

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4. Hamburger

Hamburgers are also mentioned in the NOVA system. The hamburger can be healthy when made with organic ingredients, from bread to meat. This ensures that we are consuming real meat and not one that has been processed with industrial ingredients, making it an ultra-processed food. You should therefore stay away from fast-food burgers or burgers made with supermarket products.

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5. Processed meat

In general, any type of processed meat can be bad for your health. This may include ham, salami, bacon or other products that are packaged and sold in the supermarket. However, in some supermarkets there is a butcher counter so we can be sure that the meat we are buying is real. It is even better to buy meat from the weekly market. Such ingredients are usually found in fast food places such as hamburger, sandwich or pizza restaurants.

6. Frozen foods

The situation is similar with oven-ready foods such as pizza, pasta or so-called "TV dinners". Similar to the above, they have industrial ingredients, but in addition they usually have high levels of preservatives, which also makes them harmful to health.

Other foods that are processed at a lower level include canned or bottled vegetables, canned fish with and without preservatives, and fruit in syrup.

In general, if you want to eat healthily, it is recommended to rely on organic and avoid the supermarket or large corporations. While it may be difficult for some dishes, we can keep the consumption of ultra-processed foods to a minimum. Similarly, avoiding soda or fast food is important as the risks are well known.

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