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Jobs Australia: Advice on Finding a Job & Applying

There are many Jobs in Australiamade by non-Australian citizens, as the 5th continent is reliant on foreign skilled personnel in some job vacancies. Both the salary and the external circumstances make it very attractive to work down under. However, in order to find work on the 5th continent, you need some information in advance, which will make the search much easier.


General information

First of all, it is crucial to know how long you want to work in which job in Australia, so that the opportunities can be realistically evaluated and then the corresponding bureaucracy can be dealt with. It is certainly much less effort to look for a job via Work and Travel directly on site in order to gain certain work experience for a few weeks or months and to fill up your wallet for the further trip. But if you intend to get a permanent position, which is also associated with a change of residence to Down Under, you will face significantly more challenges. Once all the necessary information has been obtained regarding the necessary requirements (see work visa), the search for the coveted job in Australia and the subsequent application can finally begin.


How do I best search & find a job?

There are several ways to search and find jobs in Australia:

  • Specialists from Germany are placed in Australia via the Central Foreign and Specialized Placement Service (ZAV).
  • There is nothing wrong with applying directly to Australian companies as a German specialist. It is worthwhile to simply take a look at the various websites of Australian companies to see whether there is a “Jobs” category or a suitable contact person can be found.
  • It is advisable to take a look at the renowned Australian daily newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald or The Courier-Mail in order to scour the job market (all important daily newspapers can be found HERE).
  • If you are currently looking for a job in Australia, you have a clear advantage, as contacts can be made on site and presence can be shown.
  • One of the most popular options is certainly the job portals on the Internet. The best known online job boards are: Job Search (official website of the Australian government), My Career, Careerone and Seek.
  • Especially for students, professors, academics from companies and universities eUni at. The academic career network contains many jobs and vacancies.

Application: cover letter, résumé & co

When applying, it is important to observe the Australian rules in this regard, as an Australian application differs fundamentally from the German one in some points. The Australian application consists of a cover letter and a short résumé. So it usually does not contain more than two to three sheets. A thick application portfolio is therefore certainly not an advantage Down Under. The motto of an application is: short and sweet! Since letters of reference are very important in this country, it is advisable to have them translated and enclose them with the application. If there are too many, just take them with you to the interview.

Oral recommendations also play an important role in the Australian job market. If a so-called "referee" (reference provider / example: professor, previous employer etc.) is kindly available, you can safely mention that he can be reached by telephone and will be happy to provide information about your own work ethic, perception and quality of work. In contrast to the German application, no photo is included in the Australian résumé. It should also be mentioned that in Down Under many applications are submitted online and you only have to fill out a pre-prepared form.


additional Information

  • Here you can find more information about working in Australia (social benefits, health insurance, short work stays, long work stays, etc.)
  • Here you can find out everything about taxes in Australia (income tax, tax refunds, income tax card, etc.)
  • You can find out whether a job is in demand on the "Skilled Occupation List"
  • You can get an overview of the salaries at PayScale
  • The hourly minimum wage is currently around $ 17 A gross

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