Which laminate floor is best for bathroom

Damp room laminate for the bathroom

The bathroom is often very humid and the floor can get wet. The laminateshould be waterproof here to withstand these conditions.Until a few years ago, laminate was still unthinkable for the bathroom or for damp rooms. Tiles are the classic in the bathroom. Furthermore, regular laminate is for the bathroomdue to the lack of water resistancenot suitable.

Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, new technologies and further developed materials, there are now practical and elegant alternatives to classic bathroom tiles! The design floorKrono Xonic is exactly what you are looking for if you want to make your bathroom more homely. Various decors in wood and stone optics and many advantageous properties make these floor coverings a practical eye-catcher in the bathroom and are in no way inferior to a swellable tile floor!

Laminate and moisture: is that going to be a problem in the bathroom?

Wooden floors and moisture - they just don't go together. Since Krono Original® laminate is 90 percent wood, it reacts to environmental conditions. If laminate is in the bathroom, for example, swelling can hardly be avoided in the long term. This can cause lasting damage to the laminate floor in the bathroom. Even if many laminate floors have a special Aqua Stop carrier material / carrier boardLaminate is normally not suitable for the bathroom. Our special flooring product Krono Xonic, on the other hand, withstands moisture without any problems and is completely suitable for damp rooms and swellable!

Advantages of Krono Xonic - in contrast to laminate - in the bathroom

The floor in the bathroom has to meet high requirements - and not every floor covering can withstand these. But the Krono Xonic vinyl floor from Krono Original® is made for damp rooms and bathrooms. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • water resistant: The floor in the bathroom must be absolutely waterproof. Splashes of water from brushing your teeth, but also puddles of water from showering or even an overflowing bathtub - all of these are situations that the bathroom flooring has to withstand. Moisture is not a problem for the Krono Xonic moisture-proof laminate. Thanks to its construction, it is completely waterproof.
  • non-slip: Slipping in the bathroom is one of the most common causes of accidents in the household. However, this can be avoided with the right floor covering - Krono Xonic is non-slip and, thanks to its unique surface structure, offers good grip even in damp and wet conditions.
  • hygienic: Bathrooms offer the ideal environment for bacteria. After all, it is usually warm and humid here. Krono Xonic has a special coating: The Anti Bacterial Coating (A.B.C.) does not give bacteria any basis for growth.
  • heat-promoting: Many bathrooms have underfloor heating. Krono Xonic is ideally suited for installation on underfloor heating and optimally transfers the heat! So you can enjoy the cozy warmth on your feet.
  • easy to lay: Thanks to its click system, this special flooring product from Krono Original is also child's play to lay. However, if a point in the floor is damaged, you can easily replace the affected panel.

Get all of these advantages and the look of laminate flooring in your bathroom with Krono Xonic. Swelling caused by moisture and moisture penetrating the ground are a thing of the past.

Laminate flooring Xonic

Forget laminate: for the bathroom there is a designer floor with style

In the bathroom, the flooring should not only have practical properties - ideally it also gives the bathroom a unique character. The various decors from Krono Xonic make it possible to create exactly the style you want in the bathroom. Do you love it clear and modern? Then choose the Wild Thing decor, a classy, ​​black tile look. Fans of rustic floors are well advised to use the Sundance decor, a plank 1-strip.

Decide on one of the decors and choose Krono Xonic instead of laminate for the bathroom - the vinyl floor in laminate look from Krono Original®!

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