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Threatening signal for Snapchat in the USA: The popularity of the messaging app with the ghost symbol is dwindling for the first time among young people.

The American investment bank Piper Jaffray recently published the 37th edition of its semi-annual survey “Talking Stocks with Teens”. In addition to general consumption trends, the study also shows which apps and social media services are particularly popular among 13 to 19-year-old Americans.

This, in turn, is an important indicator of the rise and fall of social networks, as comparisons of earlier surveys show: In spring 2016, for example, Snapchat overtook Instagram for the first time and took the lead in the most popular apps, as I also highlighted here in the blog.

At the time, the app with the ghost symbol on a yellow background was the absolute “rising star”, especially among US teens - a wave that subsequently spilled over to Europe and Germany.

But then Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg countered: In August 2016, he copied the concept of Snapchat Stories - where users can combine photos and videos to create their own little stories - cloned blatantly and first built it into Instagram and later into all of his apps Company one.

The result: Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram Stories have now overtaken the Snapchat model. Even more: Last year, the ghost app even lost users for two quarters in a row. Snapchat was able to stop this trend in the last quarter and increased its number of users by 4 million to 190 million.

On the other hand, the popularity of Snapchat among young people fell for the first time this year: 41 percent of all US teens still name Messenger as the most popular social media app. However, at the same time Instagram jumped to second place to 35 percent and thus much closer to pole position:

Source: Statista

Also noticeable: Both Facebook and Twitter are now largely irrelevant for young people in the USA. However, Zuckerberg doesn't have to worry about this for the time being, at least as long as he can counter it with Instagram.

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