What is most important for every girl

Castle secondary school for girls

At the Schloss Realschule for girls, our school community is very important to all of us. We want to achieve an open and happy coexistence between students, teachers and parents. It is important to us to avoid an environment in which people are insulted, excluded and looked the other way. In order to achieve this, the students, parents and teachers thought about which values ​​are most important to them when dealing with one another. Each member of the school community filled out a values ​​questionnaire, which was then sorted according to students, teachers and parents. In the second step, the most important values ​​were determined overall. The values ​​that got the most points are:

1. Honesty

2. Courtesy / good behavior

3. Reliability

4. Consideration and tolerance

The three groups developed guiding principles from these values. The guiding principles developed were brought together in a joint meeting.
The aim now is to make these values ​​visible in the school building and to integrate them into everyday school life with various small and large activities. The values ​​should be and remain present to all people who take part in school life.

Values ​​actions

In December, several campaigns on our values ​​took place at our school. In each class, various small actions related to our four values ​​took place throughout the month as part of our VALUABLE Advent calendar. Under the motto "Way to happiness", these calendar events were made visible for everyone on an advertising column donated by the Sabine Schoeffel Foundation in the stairwell. The Sabine Schoeffel Foundation supports the development of mission statements in schools.

The following actions of the value calendar have taken place:

1.12. We learn "please" and "thank you" in a foreign language
2.12. "What I like about you"
3.12. The fable of the two stubborn goats
4.12. Solve a puzzle together

7.12. Saint Nicholas
8.12. "You are unique" - like a snowflake
9.12. How words can work
10.12. Treasures of the class
11.12. Picture story Mr. Jakob

14.12. Survival in difficult conditions
15.12. The story of the two sisters
16.12. Passing on wishes
17.12. The story of the mouse Frederick
December 18 Christmas service for the 6th class for grades 5-7 and the 9th class for 8-10