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The most extensive brand portfolio in the industry

Marriott International is a hotel company that was founded in 1927. As one of the leading hotel companies worldwide, the portfolio comprised more than 3,800 hotels in 2017. The hotels are spread across the globe and are located, for example, in the USA and Canada, in Europe, in Africa and in Asia. In addition, the hotel chain has the most extensive brand portfolio in the industry with more than 20 brands. Milestones in the history of Marriott include the opening of the first drive-in on the east coast of America, the first motor hotel and the first hotel chain designed for business travelers, which Marriott has been one of since its inception in 1927 leading global hotel chains. All houses have fitness centers, swimming pools and gift shops. A stay in a Marriott hotel will always be a pleasure.

The brands of Marriott International

Due to the constant further development of the portfolio with regard to innovative brands, the hotel company can always adapt to the different needs of its guests and in this way retains its leading position in terms of customer satisfaction. The individual brands with their different concepts are geared towards different target groups. The Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis brands belong to the classic luxury segment. The luxury lifestyle segment includes, for example, the brands BVLGARI Hotels & Resorts and W-Hotels. The premium brands of Marriott International include the brands Marriott Hotels, Delta Hotels, Le MERIDIEN and the Gaylord Hotels. The Select area includes hotels with simple but clever facilities, such as the brands Four Points, SpringHill Suites and Protea Hotels. Marriott also has its own brands for longer stays, such as Marriott Executive Apartments, Residence Inn or element.

The core values ​​of Marriott International

The core principles have hardly changed since the American hotel company was founded. In the Marriott Hotels, people have always come first. The company acts according to the philosophy of the company's founder J. Willard Marriott: If the employees are offered an excellent working atmosphere, the employees will offer the guests an even better service. This motto contributes to the fact that Marriott International has been one of the best employers for many decades. The pursuit of excellence and the courage to change are also among the core values ​​of Marriott. The claim of the hotel chain is to always question the status quo and to adapt to changing needs, for example with new innovative brands. Furthermore, acting with decency is defined as a basic value. All Marriott hotels adhere to strict ethical and legal standards. This is reflected, for example, in the guidelines for employees as well as in our actions for the purpose of environmental protection and in our commitment to human rights. Marriott International is also committed to “serving the world,” which means supporting the communities in which they live and work. The focus is on the following topics: reducing poverty, the environment, personnel development in the community, well-being of children and global diversity.


Marriott International is committed to many areas of society. This includes, for example, that they support the protection of human rights within their sphere of activity by campaigning against human trafficking and the exploitation of children. In addition, the hotel company offers financial and material aid to the victims of disasters. All Marriott hotels are also active in the area of ​​environmental protection. Sustainable environmental protection measures include the reduction of electricity and water consumption, the ability to build environmentally friendly hotels or raising awareness of the issue of environmental protection among employees and guests.

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