What are some interesting web project ideas

The persona concept for web projects

The overriding goal of the classic persona concept is to create a clear profile of your target group. On the basis of various questions, you will develop fictitious people who will represent your target groups and serve as a guiding figure for future campaigns and product developments. With this method, there are no clear guidelines as to which characteristics of the personas you have to define. In contrast to clearly structured conception methods such as Lean Canvas, the Persona concept thrives on its flexibility, which leaves plenty of room for creativity and individual requirements.

The following questions are typically answered for a persona definition:

  • What is your persona's name and how old is it?
  • What are their demographic and character characteristics?
  • What interests and preferences does your persona have?
  • What problems, worries and needs are preoccupying your persona?
  • How can your product or offer be helpful for them?
  • Who influences your persona in your decisions (professional and private)?
  • From your persona's point of view, which criteria are decisive for a purchase?

In order to obtain even more precise information for future projects, the questions mentioned cannot only be answered on the basis of considerations and gut feeling, but can also be substantiated with statistical data. If analyzes of your real customers have already been carried out in your company, prepare the results for the questions of the persona concept in order to specify the description. The evaluations of your web controlling could also provide interesting information about the preferences, wishes and interests of your target group.

You can also obtain additional valuable information from external demographic statistics, for example from the Federal Statistical Office. Regardless of whether you use additional external sources, at the end of the extensive process there is an exact description of your desired customer on the basis of the entrepreneurial questions.