Use Instagram for your business

Instagram for Business - Part 2: Strategy and Planning

Over 9 million users in Germany (and the trend is growing rapidly), large reach potential, high user engagement - these are strong arguments for Instagram. However, in order to benefit from this, a company must first Build reach. How do you generate followers as a company? There is a great temptation to take the easy, fast, but not particularly sustainable route. Because just like in the times when Facebook established itself as a marketing channel, there are numerous dubious offers on Instagram. In short: you buy yourself Followers. Although this increases the number of followers and the reach in the short term, it hardly contributes to the company's goals in the long term.

Seldom do you get really active followers through buying followers or similar practices who comment, like and recommend posts to friends. It is therefore in any case better to have Instagram followers natural way to win. While this usually takes longer and requires more effort, it is a lot more sustainable. In our guide "Getting Instagram Followers" we have summarized the best tips with which you can help the growth in followers and make Instagram an effective advertising platform - without paying for likes.

Under the Top 10 most popular Instagram accounts Incidentally, most of the followers are exclusively celebrities and athletes. First place with over 100 million fans is currently the singer and actress Selena Gomez. The first company on the list is the sporting goods manufacturer Nike in 13th place with currently over 64 million followers. In Germany, the strongest company profile is that of the drugstore chain dm with 923,000 followers.