How do you buy a bike

Translation of "du buy you one" in english

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You send each other the keys, and you are shopping Plane ticket.
Do you exchange keys, buy a ticket and go.
You send each other the keys, and you are shopping Plane ticket.
Yes i heard you're shopping House.
You go shopping new shirt for that person.
You go shopping Dozen of Picassos and make a fire with them, right?

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I'll make a harmless comment, and you buy yourself right away a gorgeous costume.
In Amsterdam in the cinema do you buy yourself Beer.
You can go to a movie theater in Amsterdam and buy a beer.
Instead of the shack in Scarsdale, do you buy yourself Townhouse to you alone.
Instead of that broken-down house in Scarsdale, you get a town house for yourself.
You buy yourself Cheap cigarettes with couch money.
Rose, you buy generic cigarettes with couch change.
You buy yourself never anything for you.
You never get anything for yourself.
You buy yourself not the partnership, if that's your concern.
You buy yourself of what you want.
Buy what you want with it.
Let's assume You buy yourself a VAUDE jacket for € 200 in Germany.
Let's say you buy a VAUDE jacket in Germany for € 200.
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