What are the subtle ways girls flirt

Why do most of them not notice when you are flirting with them

A flirtation researcher explains why only 18% of women and 36% of men even notice when you are flirting with them.

"If you think someone isn't interested in you, then you're probably right - they're not interested," says University of Kansas communications professor Jeffery Hall.

"But if someone is interested in you, you probably didn't notice."

The man knows his way around, after all, he has already published the book 'The Five Flirting Styles' and carried out two studies on the subject of contact initiation.

Are you friendly or are you flirting with me?

For the first, he had 52 heterosexual students talk to each other for ten minutes.

Then they were asked to provide information in questionnaires as to whether they had flirted themselves and whether they thought that the person they were speaking to had flirted with them.

When it came to determining that the other was not flirting, the 80% hit rate was quite high.

It looked different when someone showed interest: only 18% of women and 36% of men were right when it came to noticing this.

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This is certainly also due to the fact that most of us try to flirt as subtly as possible: "People don't make it too obvious because otherwise it could be embarrassing," the expert told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Flirting often just seems friendly. Since we usually lack the confirmation of whether someone is flirting or not, we do not become more capable of recognizing. "

Women flirt more obviously

For the second study, films showing these conversations were shown to other people.

They should then say whether the interlocutors were flirting with each other or not.

As an outsider, you were just as sure when there was no flirtation.

When a woman flirted, this was most likely to be recognized by both men and women. Whether a man was flirting was harder to tell for either sex.

However, there is another reason why we haven't always switched to receive when it comes to tender advances.

Flirting is more of an exception than an everyday situation, says the expert.

Some people flirt significantly more often than others, but in dreary everyday life it is admittedly the norm that you are not the target of a flirt.

“You just don't expect everyone to flirt with you,” says Professor Hall.

Although, a few copies may come to mind that go through life with the assumption that the whole world is in love with them. But that is certainly material for a completely different study.

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