Verified resale tickets are safe

CTS Eventim AG starts

Munich, January 23, 2007. CTS Eventim AG has launched its new resale platform The group, which is listed in the SDAX, sees considerable sales and earnings potential with the first German Internet portal specifically for the exchange and resale of event tickets. “As a result, we will once again significantly expand our activities on the Internet. The swap and resale business is extremely profitable, ”says Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO of CTS Eventim AG. In the first year, the group expects a ticket volume in the new business area of ​​200,000 to 300,000 tickets and a turnover between 5 million and 7 million euros. In the past 2006 financial year, CTS recorded an increase in ticket volumes of over 50 percent on the Internet. Well over 100 million music and event fans visited the portals and and bought more than 5 million tickets. Schuleberg: "These figures show the great potential for our online business."

Technical details and handling: Safety is the first priority
In the conception of fansale, the security aspect was in the foreground. Based on the technologies developed and used by CTS Eventim for the 2006 Football World Cup, with which more than 200,000 World Cup tickets were resold and transferred under the highest security requirements, fansale offers ticket sellers and buyers a unique package of security features. With the exclusive eventim. The tickets are verified by means of a barcode check. Sellers who offer Eventim tickets via the portal only have to enter the barcode number of the ticket. Fansale then checks the barcodes for authenticity and other features, such as whether the event has been postponed or canceled. An offered ticket, which was identified as a real Eventim ticket by barcode, receives a special label from fansale. In this way, the buyer can see at a glance that the offer is an original - problems with forged or non-existent tickets are effectively excluded.

Payment: Safe
At fansale, all financial transactions for buyers and sellers are secured via a special trustee procedure. When a ticket is purchased, fansale automatically collects the sales price from the buyer's credit card and manages the money in trust until the purchased tickets have reached the buyer. If the buyer reports a discrepancy within 48 hours of receiving the shipment, the sales proceeds will only be paid out after an agreement has been reached between the buyer and seller. Costs and commissions are only incurred in the event of a sale, and an attractive introductory offer is valid until March 31, 2007: the provider pays no commission, the buyer only 10% of the purchase price. Thereafter, the seller will charge 10% and the buyer 15% of the sales price. Offer fees are not charged at fansale, the listing of tickets is free of charge.

Shipping: Fast
Fansale is also breaking new ground when it comes to fast and secure shipping, thus largely eliminating the risks associated with anonymous mailing. For every transaction, fansale automatically creates special shipping labels and papers that are printed out directly from the system. Shipping is carried out exclusively by express via the service provider DHL, who picks up every shipment directly from the seller and delivers it to the buyer on the next working day. The dispatch stations are transparent at all times, they are fully documented and monitored by fansale online.

Operation: Comfortable
The barcode check not only serves to verify the ticket offered, but also guarantees the provider an easy setting process. Most of the data such as the day of the event, venue and space information are automatically displayed after entering the barcode. The seller only has to choose the type of offer and specify the starting or fixed price. The seller can prepare the shipment online with just a few clicks: the pick-up order, the address label, the duplicate address and the delivery receipt to the DHL driver are already prepared on, and all documents can be conveniently printed out at home. Both sellers and buyers benefit from the fast and secure shipping process, because fansale organizes door-to-door shipping: the seller chooses the time to pick up the sold ticket within a time window after the purchase process has been completed. DHL will then deliver the shipment to the buyer by 12 noon on the following working day. fansale offers both contractual partners maximum shipping security with minimal shipping costs. Throughout the entire sales and delivery process, buyers and sellers stay up to date with the latest status emails from fansale.