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Text copyright: when are books, poems and newspaper articles protected?

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Open books Doors to strange worlds: In fairy tales we explore the home of Knights and dragons, Thrillers show us that Abysses of the human soul up and a love story can make us feel moved tears drift in the eyes. Such books are not just a string of words, but rather Evidence of the art of language and are therefore through the Copyright in the text protected.

Text copyright FAQ

Can I quote from texts or does it constitute a copyright infringement on the text?

Quotations are permissible according to § 51 UrhG as long as the use is justified by a special purpose. This is the case, for example, with explanations in the course of a scientific paper. However, you should make sure that the length of the quotation is in an appropriate relationship to the benefit and that appropriate sources are formulated.

I regularly make copies of the specialist books in our library for my studies. Can this already constitute a violation of the law?

If you use said copies for learning or as sources for scientific work, these are considered reproductions for private use. Such private copies are permitted. However, if you place these copies on an Internet exchange, for example, this constitutes a violation of copyright law for the text.

Can text copyright apply to posts on Facebook?

In most cases, works of language that have a corresponding level of creativity fall under copyright law. Anyone who publishes someone else's text on Facebook can therefore commit a copyright infringement despite the often low number of words. Therefore, you should exercise particular caution with quotations and sayings and, if necessary, obtain the consent of the respective author before publication.

Can a text fall under copyright law?

Copyright protects the Relationship between the creator and his work. In addition, the legal regulations also make sure the originator has a financial compensation receives when third parties exploit his works.

In accordance with the Copyright Act (UrhG) the works of Literature, science and art as worth protecting. To the in § 2 UrhG listed copyrighted works include:

  • Linguistic works such as written works, speeches and computer programs;
  • Works of music;
  • pantomime works including works of dance art;
  • Works of fine arts, including works of architecture and applied art, and designs of such works;
  • Photographic works including works that are created similar to photographic works;
  • Cinematographic works, including works created similarly to cinematographic works;
  • Representations of a scientific or technical nature, such as drawings, plans, maps, sketches, tables and plastic representations.

Like these enumeration shows, there is basically the possibility that the copyright for a text - Lawyers often use the generic term in this context "Language works" - consists.

The term "Language works" does not only include in copyright law literature. Rather, it is about any copyrighted creation that is based on Words or languages based. Thus, this type of work applies to the copyright for newspaper articles, song texts, recipes and also the source code for software.

Historical is the English term for the copyright “copyright” on the book or the Letterpress traced back. It was the Permission to make copies ("The right to copy"). Through different international conventions it is no longer necessary for a book Request copyright. This is created - just like the copyright for the text - automatically with the completion of the work.

When is a text protected by copyright?

In order for the copyright to apply to a text, it must be different Meet requirements. So must the work created by a human be. Adds a computer program based on a algorithm different words together, a corresponding book is not protected by copyright. The Code of the computer program may, however, be considered a work.

Another criterion for the Protection by copyright for a book or for all other works is the mental activity. In simple terms, this is the Implementation of an idea. Because a spontaneous one Brainstorm alone is therefore considered to be under copyright law not worth protecting.

Last but not least, is the copyright for text necessary height of creation a crucial factor. This is always considered to have been achieved when the work gets through individuality distinguishes itself and beyond stands out from everyday work. So it can usually be assumed that literary works - like a novel - have a corresponding height of creation and a translation can also achieve this. Likewise fall Newspaper articles under copyright law. In contrast, enjoy Usage texts or very short posts rarely protection by copyright in the text.

Texts don't reach that necessary height of creation, consists no copyright protection. In this case, the work is in the public domain, so that anyone can use it. Books without copyright as a rule, however, cannot be traced back to the height of creation. Rather, the copyright is on the text extinguishedbecause the duration of protection is on seventy years limited after the death of the author.

Copyright for texts on the Internet: do special features apply?

By the Internet we get access to a Variety of information and texts. Many of them may be subject to copyright. Anyone who takes over texts on the Internet without the consent of the author and as his own effusions, thus violates the copyright law of the text.

Such a Text theft is not uncommon on the Internet and occurs particularly in the social networks on. Because while within a few seconds amounts shared worldwide copyright often falls by the wayside.

For example, it can also be inadmissible without the consent of the author creative sayings or quotations in a graphic to implement. Share such images with users Friends and followers, it can also be a copyright infringement. Check So it is best to know in advance whether the original source has consented to this dissemination.

When is there a copyright infringement on the text?

The copyright law ensures that Originator - in the case of language works, it is not uncommon for them to be one author - various rights to. According to moral law, only the creator can decide at what point in time his work is Presented to the public will and whether he will Acknowledgment of authorship wishes. In addition, the copyright ensures the author one Protection from disfigurement of his lyrics too.

The copyright to the text is a Recovery of the work by third parties only with the Consent of the Creator permissible. If this is missing - because, for example, it is illegal and commercial Copy texts - is in accordance with copyright law Offense in front.

A Copyright infringement not infrequently pulls one expensive warning after yourself. This is a civil law measure which the Process avoidance serves. The injured party thus seeks a out of court settlement at. The warning letter offers the possibility of various claims - for example on Failure to do so and compensation for damages - to assert.

you have one Warning received because of copyright infringement on text? In this case, you shouldn't rush to one signature let yourself be tempted. Because it usually makes sense to get the relevant letter from a knowledgeable person Copyright lawyer to be checked.

Copyright in the text - short and compact

Copyright represents works of Literature and other language works under protection. It can be next Novels, poems and newspaper articles also around Computer programs act. The text is only protected by copyright if the work has a corresponding one Height of creation reached.

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Text copyright: when are books, poems and newspaper articles protected?
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