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  • Waitress (former)
  • Actress (former)
  • Pharmaceutical representative (since season 8)

penny is a main character from The Big Bang Theory. At first she was the neighbor of Sheldon and Leonard, later she becomes Leonard's wife and a good friend of Sheldon. She also has a good relationship with Raj, Howard, Amy and Bernadette.


Penny is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and moved to Pasadena, California in the first episode. The first episode shows how she moves into her apartment in the house and meets Leonard, Sheldon and their friends Howard and Raj. Penny always wanted to be a successful actress, so she moved to California. In order to stay afloat, she worked alongside her auditions at the Cheesecake Factory. When she gradually realizes that she will never work successfully as an actress, she becomes a pharmaceutical salesman on Bernadette's advice.


Penny is originally from Nebraska. This is how her family lives there too. Not much is known about her family, but we do know that she has a father, a mother, at least one brother, a cousin and a nephew! Her father Wyatt visited her and the four boys in the episode The Wrong Real Friend. Penny has quite a fathering complex because her father wanted a boy before she was born. Penny always tried to do her father justice and suffered greatly from the fact that her father stopped playing ball with her when she got her first bra. Meanwhile, her father seems to have gotten over the fact that she is not a boy and is very worried about his daughter. Her father is very fond of Leonard and he thinks Leonard was the best of Penny's friends so far. Because Wyatt kept asking about Leonard after she broke up with him, she told him she was with him again. When he came to visit, she persuaded Leonard to pretend they were still together. After Leonard has taken advantage of the pseudo relationship, Penny confesses the lie to her father. Wyatt asks Leonard not to give up and encourages him to stick with Penny.

Almost nothing is known about Penny's mother. On one episode, she mentions that her mother baked her a cake when she was about to become the first cheerleader. Otherwise, only Sheldon makes assumptions about her every now and then. He once claims Penny's mother is overweight, and in the episode "The Relationship Agreement," he says that her mother must have used cannabis when she was pregnant with her.

Penny's nephew is mentioned once in the second season when she asks Leonard and Sheldon if they can bring her a comic book from the comic book store for his birthday.

When Christy (Penny's friend from Omaha) comes to town, Penny reveals that she has a brother and at least one cousin as well, as she claims that Christy had sex with one of them while she was with the other.

Her brother is also mentioned in a few other places in the series. Even if she doesn't say whether it's the same brother that Christy slept with. Your brother runs a meth lab. This fact is first hinted at in "For him or with him" when Penny tells Leonard that he would like her brother because he is a chemist and works in "a kind of pharmacy". It is finally confirmed in "Mommy's Favorite" when she asks God to stop her brother from continuing to cook meth, but without police intervention, of course. In season 7 of "No Pretty Women!", Penny mentions that her dad rounded up all of her relatives to see her scene on Navy CIS, and that her rehab brother is there. Her father bought a big sandwich for the whole family to celebrate. After everyone saw that the scene was cut out and she spoke to her family on the phone, she mentions that the sandwich and her brother have disappeared and that, as far as she knows, he is on his way to Mexico.


Penny is pretty, outgoing, friendly, and has a sense of humor. Even if, unlike the boys, she is not a genius, she has good social skills and skillfully uses her feminine charms from time to time. At the same time, she is sometimes a tomboy, which can be attributed to the relationship with her father. For example, she has no problem fighting back and is not afraid of any confrontation.



Her relationship with Leonard is one of the most significant in the series.

Penny and Leonard get to know each other directly in the first episode and Leonard falls in love with them. Penny, on the other hand, only sees him as a nice neighbor and even "manipulates" him to pick up her things from her ex-boyfriend and to do other things for her. Leonard invites her on a date in season 1, but lets him believe that the whole clique will come. But when they spend the evening alone and she asks him if it was a date, Leonard says no. Penny then goes out with other men and continues to see Leonard as a good friend. When the first date actually comes at the end of season 1 and they even kiss, Penny doesn't want another date because she fears that she won't be educated enough in the long run. That's why they just stay friends for the time being. The first suspicion that Penny sees more in Leonard than just a friend arises when he meets Lesley several times. When Leonard has to go on an excursion for 3 months at the end of season 2, it is noticed for the first time that Penny has romantic feelings for him and after some difficulties they come together. Their relationship goes well at first, until Leonard tells her that he loves her but Penny doesn't reciprocate his feelings. Then they break up and just remain friends. At the beginning of season 4 they have a one-night stand and Leonard first makes hopes that Penny quickly shatters. When he then dates Raj's sister Priya, it is revealed that Penny still loves him. In season 5, after some back and forth, they get back together, but initially forego sex. Leonard also makes her some marriage proposals, which Penny always refuses. In season 6, she confesses to him for the first time that she loves him and Leonard is really sure for the first time. In season 8 she proposes marriage to him while drunk, because he initially refuses, but then later makes one to her. In season 9 they get married alone in Las Vegas and in season 10 they renew their vows in front of their friends and family. They move into the shared flat of Leonard and Sheldon, while Sheldon and Amy move into Penny's apartment. At the end of the series, Penny becomes pregnant from Leonard.


Penny and Sheldon often irritate each other and get on each other's nerves. Sheldon prefers to joke about Penny's intelligence, her job and her unsuccessful attempt to start an acting career. Conversely, Penny likes to talk about Sheldon's habits and rituals, which he is able to cultivate very pedantically and to which he often clings.

Despite these teasing, there is an intimate, almost sibling relationship between Penny and Sheldon, which is what happens, for example, in cases in which Sheldon falls ill and Penny has to take care of him and sing the cat dance song (in the original "Soft Kitty") (Sheldon also sang the other way around show her this song once). She also let him into her apartment when he locked himself out of his and even let him have the bed that night. On the other hand, Sheldon also takes care of Penny when she needs help, for example after her fall in the shower, in which she dislocated her shoulder and Sheldon took her to the hospital despite his inability to drive a car. When Penny is in debt and sees no way out, Sheldon borrows her money.

Another expression of their very strong friendship is the fact that Penny is one of the only three people who are not part of his family but who are still allowed to hug him (alongside Wil Wheaton and Amy Farrah Fowler), which, given the fact that Sheldon sees other people only as hosts for bacteria is very remarkable. Sometimes Penny seems to look after him like a surrogate mother, which was particularly evident during the time when Penny and Leonard were in a relationship.

But it has to be said that she has no romantic feelings for Sheldon and only regards him as a brother. This also applies to Sheldon, who only regards Penny as a sister.


The relationship between Penny and Howard was strained from the start by his constant turn-on, until it finally escalated. After Penny had given him her opinion, and made it clear through a black eye that she was tired of being treated like this, the relationship improved. Penny then liked to win Howard when he got together with her colleague Bernadette, and so stopped flirting. From then on they were friends.


As with other women, the fact that he can only talk to women when he is drunk arises between Raj and Penny. Dealing with this fact varies from episode to episode: Where Penny sees a cute Indian at the beginning, she later tries to get him to talk, for example to apologize to her. Since in most cases their communication takes place via Howard, the relationship between the two remains rather untreated.

After both of them drank too much one night, they woke up in bed together in the final episode of season 4. Penny, who doesn't seem to have any memories, is frightened and leaves Leonard's room with Raj in tow. Later, however, Raj tells Penny that the two did not coitus because Raj ejaculated prematurely. However, at Raj's request, they decide to keep this fact to themselves. Despite Raj's attempts to win Penny as a boyfriend, they continue to be "just" normal friends. Still, she is committed to him by looking for a girlfriend for him or comforting him when he needs it.


Penny is very good friends with Bernadette and Amy. Bernadette, like her, works in the Cheesecake Factory in order to be able to afford her degree in microbiology. She is the first female person besides Penny to hang out with the boy clique on a regular basis. In addition, they very often do something together, for example they really like to hang out in Penny's apartment, comfort each other or go out together, and Amy is always part of the party. In addition, they often do something with the boys.


Amy integrated herself into the "women part" of the scientist clique by confidently stating "I am a woman" in front of Penny in one episode in order to be invited to the women’s evening. Within a very short time she claims that she and Penny are best friends and gives her pet names like "Besteline" as an expression of friendship. When she first hangs out with Bernadette and Penny, she acts a little socially awkward, but as she spends more time with them, she learns more and more. And so the three women become a complementary counterpart to the boys.

Amy is well aware that her social life depends on Penny, which is why Penny is so important to her. Another reason is that she was one of the unpopular students in her school days, while Penny was in the in-clique, i.e. with the bullies - so Amy's social interaction has changed, which she sees as a great asset.

Penny herself saw Amy as strange at first, but over time she likes to hang out with her and Bernadette and even take care of their relationship with Sheldon; she encourages her to take the relationship to the next level, and when Amy is angry with Sheldon, she goes shopping for jewelry with the awkward physicist. This shows that she cares about the happiness of her friend.


  • She is quite gifted at playing chess, so she wins against Leonard, although it was her first game of chess and she didn't really know the names of the pieces. Also, she plays Halo very well, even though she has no experience with console games.
  • Penny said in the pilot that she was a vegetarian, but she doesn't stick to it and still eats meat.
  • Probably her real name is Penelope, because in the RPG she becomes addicted to, she calls herself "Princess Penelope".
  • A "running gag" of the series is that Penny's last name is never mentioned. Allegedly Chuck Lorre is said to have accidentally mentioned the name "Penny Barrington" in an interview. However, whether this is Penny's last name has never been confirmed[1][2] Her father's name is not mentioned directly either, but there are also theories about it. Besides, Penny was already married without knowing it[3] and could have taken the name of her husband, Johnson. But the scriptwriters probably won't do it.
  • In one episode she had a supporting role in a scene on the series Navy C.I.S. which unfortunately was cut out for broadcast. Incidentally, she titled the series as "Series with many letters".
  • She is 1.68m tall.
  • At the age of 12 she was already able to assemble tractor engines.
  • Penny is the zodiac sign Sagittarius.


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