What attitude made you sane

Let the derogatory words and gestures of your fellow human beings bounce off you at a reasonable distance. Do not be influenced by curmudgeons who are just desperate to defend their own ignorance and laziness.

Carefully choose the people you share your plans with. Go your own way consciously, confidently and calmly. Setbacks are normal and will not disturb you. Stay your own head - always!

Number 2 danger to your health - the media

The second danger that could put you off your path to health is the media. All too often, this includes conflicting information from newspapers, books, TV and the Internet. You can find an example of false reports in this summary and, for example, "Coffee is unhealthy and leads to concentration problems".

You feel confirmed in your decision to stop drinking coffee. Plus, you've done it without coffee for three weeks. The headaches during the first few days (caffeine withdrawal symptoms) have disappeared and whenever you feel like having coffee, drink an almond ginseng drink (a self-made mixed drink made from water, almond puree, black molasses, some invigorating ginseng powder, a few drops of coconut oil and some honey).

Only now do you notice how the coffee has burdened your organism and how good your new habit called almond ginseng drink is doing for you.

The next day you read an article - also written by a doctor - "Coffee contains essential minerals!" and bang! you start to ponder and doubt.

"Hm, am I missing the minerals that I always drank with my coffee? Am I suffering from a deficiency now?"

The same applies here: Stay your own head. Never leave the thinking to others - no matter how many white coats they wear on top of each other.

Of course, coffee contains essential minerals. After all, it is the seed of a plant. Have a look at the highly poisonous seeds of the yew tree, or maybe a fly agaric.

There, too, you will find a lot of vital minerals, unfortunately incidentally also a poison that can put people down - despite the wonderful minerals.

And so, in addition to its minerals, coffee also contains a number of harmful substances that may not upset people immediately, but together with all the other civilized habits can continuously weaken their state of health.

Now let's examine almonds and ginseng, please. What do we discover? Almonds contain at least as many (if not significantly more) vital minerals as coffee beans. Ginseng is considered the elixir of life.

And where are the toxins in almonds and ginseng? Nothing. So is there any reason to seriously question your decision to never drink coffee again?

Not the slightest!

So check first carefully and calmly reports that have nothing else in mind than to lure you back into the cumbersome swamp of your old, pathogenic habits - just like your fellow human beings want to try to do. Don't fall for it. You are on the right track!

Danger number 3 to your health - your weaker self

The third danger that could put you on the path to health is - unfortunately - yourself! Or rather, your inner weaker self.

He will try everything to turn the tide again and guide you back into the comfortable, well-known fairway. Recognize it in all your thoughts that you want to divert from your self-determined path to health.

For example, you don't feel like doing your new sports program today.

Thoughts like "Oh, if I sit out once, that's not that bad" or "XY was definitely right. Sport really leads to injuries and yesterday I almost fell off the trampoline" come straight from your weaker self.

Stay strong! Hit your weaker self in the face. Twice if necessary!

Only if you ignore these thoughts and stick to your business will you have success - resplendent success! And arrive at your destination brimming with health as a real winner!

And remember: with health in hand, you can really achieve ANYTHING!

You can achieve anything with health!

Imagine: You have had a stomach ulcer for years. You hate the stomach ulcer and whenever you feel it you get angry. You must not eat anything because of the stomach ulcer. Her favorite dish "Eisbein with Sauerkraut", for example, is at the top of the prohibited list. You are more and more unfair to those around you.

Why is everyone doing so well, why can everyone eat anything except you? You spend half of your life with a permanently grouchy expression. Increasing stomach pains drive you to the doctor. He will examine you thoroughly.

A few days later the results are in and he tells you: "You have two months left, terminal cancer." You fall on your knees in front of the doctor: "No, no, no, please don't. Why can't it just be this ridiculous stomach ulcer?"

Logically, the doctor cannot be softened. You go home and everything is different.

Wondering why you never cared about your health? Why didn't you look for ways to solve your stomach problems? Why couldn't you just keep your stomach diet? Why were you so nasty to those around you?

They implore God and promise him the blue of the sky: Dear God, if only it had stayed with my stomach ulcer, I would do anything for it. I always want to be friendly and helpful. I want to keep my stomach diet with joy. I will do everything I can to heal the ulcer.

The next day the doctor asks you to come and apologize a thousand times. The lab had mixed up the records. You only have your stomach ulcer.

Like a young deer, you jump out of the practice and shout into the mild spring air: "I have a stomach ulcer! A ma-ha-ha-gengeschwü-ü-ü-ü-r! Yay!"

Do you notice something? If you are currently angry or sad about your lost health, it appears that by the time you are reading this you are still alive. And when you are alive there is something you can do to regain your health.

You can change the way you live, you can change yourself enough to get better. Your previous way of life has brought you to where you are now.

Do not wait sullenly - as in the story of the gastric ulcer - for a definitive diagnosis with a prognosis of death. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the results mixed up!

You should take responsibility for your health

Of course there are people with the "right" genes. Healthy and lively, they are chain-smoking, drinking schnapps and eating knuckles of pork as old and finally at 105 they are accidentally run over by the bus.

But who wants to be lucky enough to happen to be one of these rare specimens? Instead, why not look for a path that leads away from the old, pathogenic habits and leads to new, salutary habits?

Get started Go for it! Imagine what all you can do when you are healthy! Imagine how happy you will be!

With health as an ace up your sleeve, you can achieve anything!

If you are poor, you cannot get rich as a sick person. Those who are alone find it difficult to find a partner as a sick person. However, if you are healthy and cheerful, you can achieve anything! A healthy person has strength, energy and charisma.

That is enough to guide all steps in the way to get rich - maybe not overnight, but definitely in the foreseeable future - to find the partner of your dreams, to get the toned, well-trained body that one has always marveled at with envy from some others and much more.

There is only one mistake you must not make: wait and see.

Get started right away! Get started with your program, a program on how to bring health back into your life. My God, what fun are you going to have!


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