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Instagram for B2B companies

Initially known as the B2C channel, Instagram has also gained significantly in importance in B2B communication over the past few years. Because the social media behavior of B2B users is constantly changing. While their focus a while ago was on Facebook, today LinkedIn and Twitter are in the foreground. And what comes next? Is Instagram the new “place to be” for B2B companies? The increasing interest in audiovisual content in the B2B context could suggest this. We have dealt with this topic in more detail and today shed light on the conditions under which Instagram can be useful for B2B companies.

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More than just an advertising platform

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels today. Around a billion people worldwide use the platform. In Germany there are 15 million. Reason enough to assume that there are not only travel buffs, shopping enthusiasts or cosmetics lovers, but also potential customers of B2B companies. Admittedly, in times of massive presence of various fashion, sports or travel influencers, to name just a few, this is not obvious. The function of Instagram as an advertising platform is too prominent. But it can also be worthwhile for B2B companies to use the potential of Instagram, as the following facts from Futurebiz impressively demonstrate:

  • 80 percent of users follow at least one company.
  • 500 million users are active every day. Just as many use Instagram Stories per day.
  • In January 2019 there were 25 million company profiles worldwide (for comparison: in July 2017 there were 15 million).
  • Company profiles are accessed by 200 million people every day.
  • Two out of three visitors to these profiles are not followers of the brand in question.
  • A third of the most popular stories come from companies or brands.

The figures show that the video and photo channel has developed into an important marketing and communication tool, also for companies.

Prerequisite: Strategic integration into a 360 degree communication mix

The basic requirement for successful communication via Instagram is to integrate the channel into a targeted 360 degree communication strategy - this applies to B2C as well as B2B companies. However, B2B brands are also confronted with other special requirements.

Challenge for B2B brands

B2B companies almost all face the same communication challenge: They have to Prepare complex content in a target group-specific and understandable way. In words it is often not that easy. Photos or moving images are often much better suited to depicting demanding facts without technical jargon or at least to enrich them with images. As a visual channel, Instagram fulfills the perfect conditions for this. Hardly any other social medium can arouse emotions as easily as Instagram with meaningful images, descriptive videos and entertaining stories. And the emotional communication is at least as important as data and facts - at least what that is Brand image is concerned.

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But even if you can give your B2B brand a face via Instagram - can you even reach your target groups there? We can answer this question with a resounding 'yes'.

Target groups of B2B companies on Instagram

With a tailor-made channel strategy, a B2B company can attract the attention of relevant target groups on Instagram.

The fact is that you cannot generate direct sales of B2B products or services via Instagram. It is also rather unlikely that users will search specifically for information there. But: Instagram serves as a Discovery and entertainment medium.

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The user perceives the posts from private users as well as contributions from companies or brands - in each case provided that the content is interesting for him.

Also keep in mind: Every user has some kind of activity. Perhaps, for example, he is the decision maker in the company that your (potential) customer is. Or he's looking for a job. This results in two main target groups for your Instagram channel. As a B2B brand, you can on the one hand

  • existing and potential Customers as well as the other
  • current and future Employee Applicants

to reach. The focus is on two central areas: Image building and Employer branding.

Image building

Instagram is the perfect channel to strengthen the image of your B2B company and to increase the perception and visibility of your brand. Strengthen your brand by providing lively and personable insights into your company and its environment as well as into the areas of activity. The following points, among others, are important:

Examples of successful image building for B2B companies via Instagram:

Employer branding

In addition, Instagram is very suitable for employer branding.

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The different ways of telling stories - from simple photos to moving images to stories - manage to convey emotions in a way that otherwise only works in reality. Particularly 'soft' factors such as the working atmosphere, the work environment or employee benefits can be credibly conveyed via Instagram. A prerequisite for credibility is sustainable authenticity - in the real as well as in the virtual appearance of an organization. You can find inspiration for employer communication via Instagram here.

Examples of friendly employer communication from B2B brands on Instagram:

Is Instagram the B2B channel of the future? Certainly not the only one, but one of several. With the right strategy, relevant content and clear expectations Instagram offers great potential for B2B companiesin order not only to increase visibility, but also to attract new employees.


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