What should i do to build muscle

How to build muscle

Here you will find the best muscle building tips.

“I'm not telling you that it will be easy. I tell you it will be worth it. "
- Kind Williams

If you want to look good naked, you need strong muscles.

A strong muscle corset not only makes you more attractive, but also more efficient, healthier, happier and younger. Women in particular still neglect this point far too often.

Every day I see people in the gym who want to change their bodies - and who are running out of powder during cardio training.

Do not get me wrong. Endurance training has its place. But:

If you want to have (and keep) a lean, strong, sexy body, strength training is your go-to no way around.

Let’s tell you that from a coach who is a passionate runner himself.

You have probably seen people who moderate and have large, soft muscles. Others seem almost gaunt and yet strong.

If you are like most people, then your goal is in between.

This is not a bodybuilding site. I'll tell you how to get strong and defined like a Hollywood star - not like a bodybuilder.

In the following articles you will find step-by-step instructions for your training and muscle building tips with which you can make progress that you can feel and see in just a few weeks.

A 7-step bulletproof method of building muscle

In the following 7 articles you will learn step-by-step how muscle building works.

You may be surprised because some principles go a few levels deeper than what you will read in fitness magazines or books.

  1. What is strength training? The 7 foundations of success for the “right” muscle building training. Start here!
  2. 2 Weird Muscle Building Mechanisms You Should Know About. With this knowledge you can get yourself one“Unfair” training advantage compared to other athletes.
  3. How Muscle Growth Works: The Principle of Cumulative Fatigue.
  4. Sweet-spot training for laser-focused muscle building: How to optimally adapt the training principles to your goal. You should read this article if you want more than just muscle mass.
  5. How fast can you build muscle? Do you want to become crisper and create a body for yourself that others turn to? Here you can find out how much time you should bring with you.
  6. How much muscle building is possible? You want to look good naked and not become a monster hulk, of course. In any case, this is not possible without prohibited substances. In this article you will learn where the natural limit lies.
  7. Why do slim and sexy women lift heavy weights? Should women and men train differently? You can find out why I advocate “no” here.

Mental muscle building tips that will make you stronger

“Discipline is just a matter of being focused. Those who have their inner images clearly in front of their eyes cannot wait for the next opportunity to act. "
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

The multiple Mr. Olympia had a secret of success that is rarely talked about: He always had a crystal clear picture of his goal. Even if others thought he was untalented, he stuck with it - and made success his trademark.

You can do that too. How you set goals and create framework conditions that lead to success inevitabledo, you can find out here:

Muscle Building Tips: How Effective Is Your Exercise Program Really?

If you want to have long-term success in training, you should know and understand the following basic principles. This will save you frustration and missteps later.

Basic Exercises: The Most Effective Exercises for Beautiful Muscles

There are thousands of fitness exercises - which ones guarantee the best progress? Everyone who stays at it should be able to do this.

Muscle Food: The Right Diet In Building Muscle

“Muscles are made in the kitchen,” they say. Good point.

No matter how diligently you implement the above training principles - the effect will fizzle out if you don't give your muscles the nutrients they need.

Here you can find out what to look for in your diet:

Muscle food supplements: which ones help and which don't?

The fitness industry is booming. The manufacturers of sports food, whose sales have been growing in the high double-digit percentage range for years, also benefit from this

The marketing of many products - from muscle building accelerators to fat boosters - promises real miracles. But many sports food supplements are ineffective - and if they accelerate something, it is the rate at which the wallet empties.

Here you can find out which preparations have been proven to help - and which do not:

Training plans: this is how you achieve your training goals

Most MarathonFitness articles are about the basics. In the medium term, you will have more of it than of ready-made training plans.

In the following articles you will get both - first the basics, then the plan:

Regeneration: muscles only grow when they are at rest

Muscles do not grow during training, but between training sessions.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in practice is a lack of regeneration. If you neglect it, you can even lose muscles in extreme cases - despite hard training.

Here you can find out how to regenerate properly:

Equipment: The right environment for your training

"How do you create framework conditions so that your success becomes inevitable?"

This is one of my guiding principles if I want to make better progress. The right equipment will help you make faster progress and keep it going with more fun and ease:

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